Is It Worth The Price?

In this video, I’ll be reviewing the California Sunbounce. It is priced around $400, and I’ll be discussing how the California Sunbounce can be utilized in your shoots. More importantly however, I’ll discuss whether or not it’s worth it to purchase such an expensive accessory. Hope you guys enjoy!

California Sunbounce Review

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Is It Worth It?

In the video above, I’m holding the 2×3 California Sunbounce, but I most often use the 4×6 (which is inside the bag). The 4×6 weighs about 4 lbs and as I mentioned, is priced at about $400. Both sizes have a holding rod behind the tension fabric that reflects the sunlight.

So is it worth it? Absolutely yes. Allow me to explain why.


First off, the California Sunbounce is extremely portable and easy to set up. Additionally, it’s a better investment and alternative to generic products because the quality of the tension fabric allows more light to be reflected towards the subject.


As you can see, the amount of additional light is about two to three stops of light. That’s an incredible amount! So yes, the California Sunbounce is well-worth the price in comparison to other generic brands. It’s an amazing product to have within your arsenal of gear, and does a great job in lighting the subject while retaining all the details in the background.


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