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Product Name: Black Rapid Snap-R
Cost: Point and Shoot Version $39.95
Cost: Larger Mirror & Mirrorless Camera Version $44.95
Website/Purchase: Purchase on Amazon

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For an on-the-go camera bag, it really doesn’t get any better than the Snap-R Camera Bag and Strap System by Black Rapid. It is one of the most innovative and functional mini camera cases on the market. Pair its small size and sleek appearance, and you have my favorite point and shoot and micro dslr camera case currently on the market. So if you choose not to continue reading this review, or watching the video just know that it is SLR Lounge Approved!

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Overview: The Snap-R Camera Bag and Strap System is yet another innovative product by Black Rapid. Upon first sight, I was under the impression that it was just another point and shoot case. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was shown its functionality.

There are two versions of the Snap-R Camera Bag. The standard point and shoot version which is a bit smaller and is priced at $40, and the mirror/mirrorless camera version that is designed for advanced point and shoot systems which is priced at $45.

Both have the exact same functionality, so your only choice is really in choosing the proper size for your camera.

Functionality: What makes this mini camera bag and strap system so innovative is that while the camera is housed inside of the case, it is also tethered and attached to the sling strap. This does two things. First it allows you to quickly pull the camera out, slide the camera up and down on the strap to shoot at will just like a standard Black Rapid strap. In addition, it acts as a safety measure in preventing your camera from falling if it slips from your grip.

If at anytime you would like to shoot without the case, you can also remove the case from the strap, connect the strap clips and then you have a fully functional standard Black Rapid sling strap for your point and shoot camera.

On the front and back of the case are two zipper accessory pockets perfect for storing smaller items like SD cards, AA batteries, camera batteries, IDs, etc.

Conclusion: Owning the Snap-R case along with several other Black Rapid straps probably definitely would qualify me as being a Black Rapid fan-boy. But, as long as they keep coming out with innovative pieces of engineering like the Snap-R case, I can’t ever see that being a bad thing. The Snap-R case is a wonderful value at its price point, and it makes the perfect gift for the photo enthusiast in your life. I am proud to give it a 100% SLR Lounge approved stamp! Enjoy!

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