The SLR Lounge community is full of great astrophotographers. If you need proof of that just check out the entries to our recent Night Sky Contest. If you are looking to take your astrophotography game to the next level, a logical next step is a motion timelapse of the Milky Way.

I recently came across Ian Norman’s YouTube channel, and shared a tutorial of his from earlier this year on ‘De-Fishing’ your images shot with a fisheye lens. Just last night he released his latest tutorial: a simple, but to the point, and very detailed guide to shooting motion timelapse of the Milky Way.

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This is a rather long tutorial for YouTube, running at just over 20 minutes, but in the video, Ian takes you through the entire process from setting up your shot and choosing your settings, to setting up your motion control rig, to processing your images, and turning them into a video. It is really the ultimate guide to doing motion timelapse in one small, easy to consume package.

If you are interested in giving this a shot for yourself, you can find out more information about the Dynamic Perception motion control unit over on their website. If you are curious about the photographic gear used, you can find that listing below:

The tutorial was shot at various locations throughout Nevada and California. For more details, or to learn more about astrophotography from Ian Norman you can check out his Youtube channel or his website at

[via Ian Norman on YouTube via LonelySpeck]