Want to know one of the most underutilized tools that is absolutely free and insanely easy to use? Then this is the article for you. Many Canon camera users are unaware that a smartphone app even exists that makes it simple to transfer images from your camera to your phone. In this guide, we’re covering all of our favorite tips and tricks for the Canon App to add to your workflow for remote shooting and editing.

Guide to Using the Canon App

How to Download the Canon App

canon app downloadYou can download the app for free on Apple & Android phones. After you’ve downloaded the app you’ll need to connect your camera to your smartphone or iPad using Wi-Fi (direct connection or via wireless router). The one downside of the app is that it can easily disconnect from Wi-Fi and may require reconnecting.

Connect to Your Smartphone for Quick Edits

1 canon app image transfer

Once you’ve connected your camera to your smartphone you’ll have the ability to see all of the images on your memory card appear on your phone. From there you can save images straight to your phone and import them into Adobe Lightroom Mobile. This has proved to be one of the quickest ways to edit on the go and deliver teasers from your shoots. It’s a workflow we love using on wedding days to provide clients with images to share on social media. Once you’ve added your favorite presets into Lightroom Mobile, this process is seamless. You can also rate/star images directly from the app to help later on in the post-production process and determine your selects.

Remote Shooting with Canon App

One of the most convenient features of the Canon App is the ability to shoot using your phone as a remote trigger. The video above is a perfect example of how you can use this feature on-location and light at the same time. Remote shooting is popular for studio photography or when you don’t have an assistant to help with lighting. This requires carrying a tripod with you to ensure the image is stable. The app also allows you to change your camera settings from your phone instead of fiddling with your camera.

We hope this article helps secure the Canon App in your workflow. It is truly a perfect tool for efficiency while shooting and client satisfaction. Let us know what other tricks and tips we may have missed.