Examples of images when brides have notified me of important sentimental details of her day.

As brides prepare for their wedding, wedding photographers are also preparing to successfully capture the big day. I prefer to touch base with my brides and CC the planner on an email to 1) ask for specific lists, 2) touch base on the schedule, and 3) sweetly remind the couple of the balance due.

I send an email requesting specific information approximately 2-3 weeks out from the date, as not to get lost with all the other last minute details. Knowing these things gives me time to address any concerns. Also, knowing the vendor details preps me for a ready-to-go blog post soon after the wedding and blog submission to popular wedding blogs so I don’t have to ask after the couple returns from their honeymoon.

My standard e-mail to my brides:

Hi (bride),

Just a few weeks away, can you believe it? I’m so excited for you! How are things going?

I have your wedding schedule as follows:
(Enter timeline, including your arrival and departure time)

Just a reminder that you have us contracted for (X) hours which puts our departure time at (X) pm.

A few things, can you please send me:

    1. Your must have shot list of items or people I need to concentrate on capturing. Don’t worry about including standard wedding details such as the cake, dress or shoes, instead list items I may not see or know are sentimental items to you.
    2. Family group shots, listed with names. I suggest keeping this to 5-6 shots as a majority of your family shots you’ll want to be with (groom’s name). If you need suggestions, let me know. Also note any family drama I might need to know about. This information will stay confidential between me, you, and my second shooter so we know how to handle certain personalities or sensitivities.
    3. Your vendor list – venue, caterer, event planner, cake designer, dress designer, shoes, jewelry, florist, hair, makeup, veil or hair accessory, bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid shoes, groom’s suit, shoes, and stationery and any additional companies hired.

And lastly, your final balance of $(X) is due.

I am so excited to seeing you both! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!



You can never be too prepared for a wedding. While visiting the wedding site to check for shooting locations is important, going the extra step to thoroughly know names of family members and important elements or cultural traditions will help you feel best prepared as you document the wedding. Remember that the more information you have prior, the more control you will feel throughout the day and avoid any “Did you capture this?” questions post wedding.