Canon is celebrating National Camera Day by bringing us some big news and some (literally) very small news. Today we finally get the official unveiling of the highly anticipated 6D Mark II full frame camera and an update to Canon’s smallest DSLR in their new, entry-level SL2.

You can pre-order each now, right here.

6D Mark II

The new 6D Mark II will feature a brand new 26.2 CMOS sensor which supports Canon’s fantastic dual-pixel autofocus and will be the first full frame DSLR to utilize a Digic 7 processor. Native ISO and maximum frame rate will both get a boost over its predecessor, with an ISO range of 100-40,000 and a 6.5 fps maximum burst. It will feature WIFI, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth as found in other current Canon cameras which have been shown to work well.


Two of the most exciting updates are the 6D Mark II’s 3-inch Vari-angle touch screen with 1.04 million dots and a significant upgrade in autofocus system. The 6D Mark II will share the 80D’s excellent 45 point, all-cross-type autofocus system which is a huge update to the 6D’s 11 point system which had a single cross-type point in the center. 27 of those focus points will be sensitive up to f/8, which will be a useful function for those who like to shoot with teleconverters that rob their users of f-stops. Canon’s recent touch screens have been intuitive and responsive, and the 6D Mark II’s should be no exception.

One area that those who are looking to this update for video purposes may find disappointing is that the 6D Mark II does not record 4k video, instead, topping out at Full HD 60p. It does, however, have a 4k time-lapse movie mode, a first for Canon.

The 6D Mark II will be dust and water resistant and draw its power from the same LP-E6N battery used in the 6D. The viewfinder has 100% coverage and the body layout will be largely unchanged, with minor updates to accommodate new features.

Look for availability in late July with the following options: $1,999.00 for body only, $3,099.00 with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM II lens and $2,599.00 with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 STM lens.

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The new SL2 DSLR is a tiny thing, replacing Canon’s very small SL1. The SL2 gains resolution with the same 24.2-megapixel sensor found in the 77D and Rebel T7i cameras. A major update similar to the 6D Mark II is the addition of a 3-inch vars-angle touch screen. This will ad a negligible amount of weight and girth over the SL1, but it remains incredibly small.

Canon has introduced a new (and optional) user interface to their entry-level lineup which offers guidance through the menu system, and that will be installed on the SL2.


Ergonomics and handling have been improved in this update and the grain finish and grip will be more pleasant. Its ISO range will be 100-25600 and its max frames-per-second will be 5, up from the SL1’s 4. It will have NFC/Bluetooth/WIFI. The autofocus will reportedly be the world’s fastest, with the ability to grab focus in 0.03 seconds, but that capability will be contained within a 9 point autofocus system.

As in the 6D Mark II, we won’t be seeing 4k video capture in this camera, instead, it also records Full HD 60p video.

It will come available in a kit with the same EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens as the 77D and Rebel T7i and also will use the same LP-E17 battery as those two cameras.
It will also be available in late July priced at $549.99 for body only and $699.99 with the kit lens.

Both cameras and gear are available for pre-order now.

Press release:

EOS 6D Mark II DSLR Camera
Designed with enthusiast photographers in mind, Canon’s popular and versatile EOS 6D DLSR camera historically served as the gateway for enthusiasts to step-up to Full-Frame DSLR cameras. The EOS 6D Mark II DSLR camera features several enhancements over its predecessor model, and its benefits include:

• 26.2 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor
• Optical Viewfinder with a 45-point All Cross-type AF System1
• Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Phase-detection & Full HD 60p
• DIGIC 7 Image Processor, ISO 100-40000
• Vari-angle Touch Screen, 3.0-inch LCD
• Built-in Wi-Fi®2, NFC3, Bluetooth®4 and GPS technology
• High-speed Continuous Shooting at up to 6.5 fps
• Dust- & Water-resistant

EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera
Stepping up from a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera for photography can be intimidating. With the introduction of the new EOS Rebel SL2, a powerful, small, and lightweight DSLR camera, Canon hopes to alleviate some of those concerns for first-time DSLR users.

This small yet powerful camera features the world’s fastest AF speed* at 0.03 seconds, allowing for quick focusing on subjects in the frame. When designing the new EOS Rebel SL2 camera, Canon took into consideration feedback from entry-level photographers who expressed interest in learning how to go beyond a camera’s program mode. The result was the creation of a convenient new user interface called Feature Assistant. With the EOS Rebel SL2 camera, users will be able to see on the camera’s Vari-angle Touch Screen how switching modes on the mode dial or tweaking camera settings like aperture and exposure compensation can alter the image they are about to capture, thus guiding photographers on their way to capturing more compelling images, such as ones with a shallow depth-of-field or being able to give moving subjects a frozen or flowing look.

The EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR camera features several other enhancements over its predecessor model, the EOS Rebel SL1, including:

• 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) Sensor
• Dual Pixel CMOS AF
• 3.0-inch Vari-Angle LCD Touch-Screen,
• Built-in Wi-Fi®2, NFC3 and Bluetooth®4 Technology
• Full HD 60p & External Microphone Input
• DIGIC 7 Image Processor, ISO 100-25600
• Optical Viewfinder with a 9-point AF System
• Feature Assistant
• Small and Lightweight Body

Pricing and Availability
The EOS 6D Mark II DSLR camera is scheduled to be available in late July 2017 for an estimated retail price of $1,999.00 for body only, $3,099.00 with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM II lens and $2,599.00 with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 STM lens**. In addition the EOS Rebel SL2 is scheduled to be available in late July 2017 for a retail price of $549.99 for body only and $699.99 with the Canon EF-S 18-55m f/4-5.6 IS STM lens**. For more information please visit