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05 Jun 2023

photo of the day

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Desert Panorama One-Shot HDR – How We Shot It

Once again, we’re cutting it pretty close with both the highlights and the shadows in this image’s original RAW capture. I had to pick my exposure very carefully and then count on recovering image detail. At first I was at 1/180 sec, but the highlights were just slightly blown out, so I went to 1/250 sec. On the back of my camera, with Nikon’s “Active D-Lighting” turned all the way up and the contrast turned down a notch or two, this gave me decent looking histogram with highlights that I knew would be usable in post-production.


Wedding Detail Macro – How We Shot It

This image is a good example of a close-up wedding detail image made using a non-macro (aka “dedicated macro”) lens. On a wedding day, aside from wedding rings there really aren’t that many details that require a lens that even comes close to the 1:1 reproduction ratio that true macro lenses offer; and in my opinion there are plenty of benefits to shooting with a wider, closer lens in certain situations.


Using Adobe Bridge to re-process 2007 HDR Landscapes! – How We Shot It

Having been a digital photographer for a decade now, one of my favorite things to do is to re-open old images with the latest and greatest post-processing tools available today. Here is an example of an image from 2007, which means I first processed it in Adobe Bridge CS, or CS2, using the original 2003 “Process Version”. This version has been re-processed in Bridge CS6, using the 2012 Process Version and the SLR Lounge Preset System for Adobe Camera Raw. Enjoy!


Natural Light Bridal Portrait – How We Shot It

This is a spot I often use for bridal portraits, and usually I shoot from the other direction because there is such gentle, soft light falling on the subjects’ face thanks to all of that open shade you can see. This time, the bride was gathering up her dress to continue on with the wedding day, and I snapped a frame from the opposite direction.


Sparkler Wedding Exit Photo – How We Shot It

Wedding “grand exits” are always extremely hectic because they involve people running, throwing stuff, and/or sparks etc! As a wedding photographer trying to properly document such a moment, you usually have two choices: Play it safe with an on-camera flash, a low ISO and a decent shutter speed, so as to ensure you get sharp photos, OR…

Photography Basics

The Milky Way in Rhyolite Ghost Town – How We Shot It

Even though my full-time job is wedding photography, my photographic hobby is the polar opposite! I enjoy photographing nightscapes in the desert, the more remote the better! Here is a relatively easy-access location, Rhyolite Ghost Town, which is just outside of Death Valley National Park. I have been photographing this bank’s cement skeleton now since 2005, and it never disappoints!