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26 Oct 2021

Canon 7D



Making The Jump: Upgrading to the Canon 6D

My journey in this wonderful world of photography until this point has all been through that of an APS-C sensor camera. I first started with a Nikon D7000, then switched to the semi-pro D300s, then I made the switch to Canon because I wanted better video capabilities. I tried out both the Canon 60D and ended up upgrading to the 7D, both are great cameras. As much as I enjoyed my crop sensor cameras I always had the goal of getting a full frame body.

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Canon 7D Compared to Red MX, Alexa, FS700 and more!

What I wanted to focus on was another video that they created as an offshoot of this project which is designed to simply compare how these 6 different cameras (Arri Alexa, Red Mx, Canon 7D, Sony F65, Sony FS700, Canon C300) all stood up against each other in a controlled environment. Surprisingly they chose to use the Canon 7D rather than a newer model, thought if I am honest I think that it performed pretty well given the competition.