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01 Dec 2022

Canon 7D



Possible Canon 7D Mark II Specs Leaked [Rumor]

In all of the hype surrounding the Nikon “DF” rumors it appears that a fresh rumor on the specs for the Canon 7D Mark II have slipped out. I had a chance to look over the specs and they are impressive to say the least, lets just say if these are real then Nikon is probably sweating bullets because based on these specs the 7D Mark II blows the D7100 out of the water.


Making The Jump: Upgrading to the Canon 6D

My journey in this wonderful world of photography until this point has all been through that of an APS-C sensor camera. I first started with a Nikon D7000, then switched to the semi-pro D300s, then I made the switch to Canon because I wanted better video capabilities. I tried out both the Canon 60D and ended up upgrading to the 7D, both are great cameras. As much as I enjoyed my crop sensor cameras I always had the goal of getting a full frame body.

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Canon 7D Compared to Red MX, Alexa, FS700 and more!

What I wanted to focus on was another video that they created as an offshoot of this project which is designed to simply compare how these 6 different cameras (Arri Alexa, Red Mx, Canon 7D, Sony F65, Sony FS700, Canon C300) all stood up against each other in a controlled environment. Surprisingly they chose to use the Canon 7D rather than a newer model, thought if I am honest I think that it performed pretty well given the competition.