Winter weddings are often shrouded in romanticism. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding, and the colder temperatures make it easy to get cozy with your new spouse. But what really makes winter weddings special is the opportunity to capture some truly stunning photos. The light is softer in the winter months, creating a magical atmosphere. And of course, there’s the snow.  Wedding photos taken against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow are simply breathtaking.  To illustrate, here are some of the best snow wedding pictures from our list of award winning photographers.

snow wedding pictures
Jared Gant – WebsiteWedding Maps Profile
winter wedding photos
Jos & Tree Woodsmith – Website | Wedding Maps Profile
indian peaks wilderness larsen photo
Photo by Larsen Photo Co – Website | Wedding Maps Profile
winter portraits
Cynthia Schiavetto Staliunas‎ – Website
winter wedding KnileyPhotographyPortfolio 6366
Image by Kniley Photography – Website | Wedding Maps Portfolio
winter portraits
Kesha Lambert – Website | Wedding Maps Profile
winter portrait photography
Alexsandra Wiciel – Website | Instagram
winter wedding photos 2
David Jon – Website | Instagram
winter wedding photos 1
Ralf Czogallik‎ – Website | Instagram
winter wedding photography
Eric McCallister‎ – Website | Instagram
1 winter wedding photos
Pye Jirsa – Website | Instagram
2 snow wedding pictures 1
Jay Cassario – Website | Wedding Maps Profile
3 snow wedding pictures 1
Brandon Russell – Website | Instagram
winter portrait photography
Adrian Ong – Website | Instagram
wedding snow pictures
Charmi Patel Peña – Website | Instagram
snow wedding pictures
Elizabeth Lloyd – Website | Instagram
4 winter portraits
Marlies Hartmann – Website | Wedding Maps Profile
3 winter portraits
Dave Moss – Website | Instagram
winter wedding photos
Marissa Joy Daly‎ – Website | Instagram

1 winter wedding photos 1

Ivan Duran – Website | Instagram

5 snow wedding pictures

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