These days, photographers have many online proofing websites to choose from. In fact, proofing typically represents only one of many features that these sites offer. The trick is finding one in the crowd that fits your specific needs. I started my search for the ultimate online proofer with the goal of finding something simple that I could easily integrate with my workflow through Lightroom and my website. What I found, however, has done much more than that. Not too long into my search, I found a website called ShootProof. After using ShootProof for a couple weeks, I knew I’d found the online proofer, portfolio, print sales tool, and studio management software that I didn’t even know I needed. Use this brief ShootProof review to help you determine if they might prove a good fit to handle your online proofing (and other) needs.

ShootProof Discount

Before we get started, we need to disclose that we do receive affiliate payments if you sign up with our affiliate link. However, we have not received any compensation or any free accounts from ShootProof. This review is our unbiased experience with the software.

After writing this review, we reached out to ShootProof to ask them for a discount for our users. They kindly obliged.  Please use the following:

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ShootProof Review: What Is ShootProof and What Sets Them Apart?

shootproof review online proofing home page

ShootProof is a rather unique “proofing” website (they’ve grown into so much more than that). They’re not supported by commissions or setup fees, and every level of account has access to every feature. I was thankful to not have to upgrade my service to get this or that feature. Instead, all I had to check was whether or not my quota of images would be enough for my business needs.

shootproof review online proofing payment plans

When you sign up for ShootProof, you can choose from one of their 4 plans ranging from 100 images for free to the unlimited plan for $50 per month. After that, you can customize the look of your proofing site, setup a custom domain name, create price lists for print orders, and much more.

If for any reason you decide that you need more or less images on your plan, you can always upgrade or downgrade your account easily and instantly through your studio control panel.

ShootProof Review: My Workflow with ShootProof

One of the biggest things that got me hooked on ShootProof was the ease of adding it into my workflow as a Portrait and Wedding Photographer. After photographing a session, the first thing I do is cull my images. While removing any shots that are not up to my standards, I rank the images 1 to 3 stars. Images ranked 1 go to my ShootProof gallery, Images ranked 2 will get featured on my Blog, and Images ranked 3 get added to my Portfolio.

The Lightroom Plugin

shootproof review online proofing lightroom plugin

Once I’m happy with the images, I upload them to ShootProof via their super handy Lightroom Plugin. This plugin is one of the best that I have used for uploading to a web service. I can create and add albums to the event gallery right from Lightroom without ever having to go online. It is a huge time saver and a big selling point to me for ShootProof.

ShootProof Review: Online Gallery

Of all the online galleries I’ve tried, ShootProof offers one of the best. The reason for this is how easily it is to setup, share, and use the galleries. Furthermore, they look absolutely fantastic, which adds value to my brand. ShootProof’s online galleries allow me to custom design the gallery to match my brand without having to code anything. On the client side, clients can mark their favorite photos and even order directly through the sales page I’ve set up. The galleries also give me download control with the option to allow or deny client downloads. Some photographers don’t deal with print sales (although they should), and prefer to deliver digital files. This makes it easy to do that.

Last but not least, one of my favorite features is how the galleries integrate with ShootProof’s portfolio website. We’ll cover that in more detail below.

ShootProof Portfolio

shootproof review online proofing portfolio website

With ShootProof’s Portfolio Website, you can showcase your public ShootProof Galleries in a fully self-branded portfolio that you can add directly to your website.  All you need to do is create a custom subdomain via ShootProof and add it to your site. The portfolio site keeps it simple and features an About page, Contact page, and Homepage. The layouts are also clean and elegant. If you don’t already have a website, you can use the portfolio to showcase your work and share with prospective clients.

ShootProof Review: Print Ordering

online ordering lab options

Another great selling point for ShootProof is their Print Ordering system. In your studio control panel, you can create price lists and attach them to different galleries. Shootproof has partnered with twelve different professional printing labs around the world for print fulfillment, including the following:

  • Miller’s
  • WHCC
  • MPix
  • Bay Photo
  • Black River Imaging
  • Richard Photo Lab.
  • More

If you do your own prints, or have another printer that you prefer, simply select to self-fulfill your orders. Going through one of ShootProof’s partners, however, allows your clients to order directly from the gallery. The prints will then be shipped directly to them (or you, depending on how you set it up). If you opt to take care of the prints yourself, then you will receive an email with the print order and the client’s information.

Studio Management Software

I mentioned previously that ShootProof offers a robust studio management feature. If you’ve ever explored studio management software, then you know that different solutions cover the full range, from simple to complex. The learning curve can prove subtle or make you feel like you need to hire a tutor. ShootProof’s solution definitely lands on the easy-to-use side, but not because it’s any less powerful than it needs to be to help get the job done.

studio management

As you can see in the image above, ShootProof’s studio management solution offers a plethora of features. These include access to contracts, invoices, an automated payment system, lab integration tools, various user settings for team members, and automated communication tools. Since I started plugging these features into my workflow, I’ve found that nothing beats doing everything under one roof. I’m especially grateful for how easy it is to use.

My photography business is small and requires minimal management. Still, I can see how this software would take the hassle out of managing these tasks for a larger studio.

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ShootProof Review: Final Thoughts

ShootProof’s system is easy to setup and even easier to use. It literally took me about 10 minutes to get mine going. I was even able to setup a widget on my WordPress-powered website where clients could enter their email or password and be automatically directed to their proofing gallery. It’s just so simple and convenient that I can’t believe I ever did it differently.

If you’re in the market for a great proofing website that gives you the power to maintain your branding and even manage your studio, then I highly recommend that you check out ShootProof.