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Nikon Warns Of FAKE D610 and D4s Cameras On The Market

By Anthony Thurston on April 15th 2015

Back in 2014, Nikon sent out an advisory about fake D800E cameras that were actually just modified D800 bodies and today, they sent out some new notices.


Apparently, camera counterfeiters have moved on from D800 bodies and are now modifying D7100 and D4 bodies to be updated versions like the D610 and D4s. Nikon found out about these fakes by getting many of them at their service center. So it is more important than ever to be diligent about whom and where you buy from, or you may end up with a fake Nikon in your possession.


The reason this is important to note is because, to my understanding, Nikon will refuse to fix any issues with these fake cameras as well. So not only will you find out your camera is bogus, but you will be stuck with a brick should anything go wrong with it.

You can read Nikon’s full statement below:

Nikon has confirmed that fraudulently modified and imitation products have been received by Nikon Service Centres for repair.

It seems that these fraudulently modified and imitation products are in circulation via Internet auctions and the like. As the Nikon warranty does not apply to fraudulently modified or imitation products, Nikon will not inspect or repair such products. In addition, Nikon cannot be held responsible in any way regarding the use of fraudulently modified products. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure the authenticity of a product before purchasing it.

Examples of the fraudulently modified products that have been brought to Nikon Service Centres:

a) D800 cameras fraudulently modified to make them look like D800E cameras
These are D800 cameras with which the outer cover has been fraudulently replaced with a D800E cover. When the “overview” display option is enabled in full-frame playback mode, the name of the camera used to capture the image is displayed in the top right corner of the monitor, allowing users to confirm the true name of their camera. If “Nikon D800E” is displayed, your camera is an authentic D800E. If any other name is displayed, your camera is a fraudulent D800E.

Fake Nikon D800E DSLR cameras

b) D7100 cameras fraudulently modified to make them look like D610 cameras
These are D7100 cameras with which the name plate, and/or other identifying feature, has been fraudulently replaced with that of a D610. This can be checked using the same “overview” display option as described above. If “Nikon D610” is displayed, your camera is an authentic D610. If any other name is displayed, your camera is a fraudulent D610.

c) D4 cameras fraudulently modified to make them look like D4s cameras

We recommend only buying your gear from reputable Nikon Retailers such as B&H, Amazon or other big chain stores. You can find Nikon’s latest listings and deals over on B&H here.

What are your thoughts on this news of more fake Nikon bodies flooding the market? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    If the deal looks too good , it most likely is

    | |
  2. Victor Zubakin

    Another nasty scam!
    Appreciate the info – thanks for sharing. :)

    | |
  3. Graham Curran

    Caveat emptor!

    | |
  4. Ed Rhodes

    wow, the lengths some people will go to make a dishonest buck

    | |
  5. Thavy1930 Thavy1930

    uptil I saw the draft which had said $5701 , I have faith that my neighbour was like realey bringing in money part-time on their apple laptop. . there sisters roommate had bean doing this less than twenty months and at present repayed the loans on their place and bourt a great Renault 5 . try here……………


    | |
    • robert garfinkle

      I believe the culprit, the camera scammer has decided to chime in here – name: “Thavy1930 Thavy1930”

      | |
  6. Rafael Steffen

    Thanks for sharing this importat information. Do not trust cheap deals like Nikon D810 or D800 for 2k.

    | |
  7. Brandon Dewey

    thanks for the information!

    | |
  8. adam sanford

    Agree: I only buy bodies from the largest resellers: B&H, Amazon, etc.

    Saving the odd few hundred bucks is so so so so so not worth getting done over by a scammer.

    | |
  9. Jerry Jackson

    While the idea of taking the internals from a less expensive camera and putting them inside the chassis/shell of a more expensive camera is new (to me), I’m not really surprised by this news after seeing the complexity of fraudulent or knockoff products being sold online in recent years.

    Unfortunately, it looks like a large percentage of knockoff or fraudulent products are coming from China … near the same factories that major companies hire to produce there official products.

    | |
    • Rafael Steffen

      Unfortunetly these deals may come to often on sites like ebay or grey market. Watch out photographers.

      | |
  10. robert garfinkle


    people will go to any length, huh…

    Yep, hear goes – the old thinking, if the deal sounds too good, it probably not good, stay away…

    There are many scams too –

    where “some” dealers, offer cameras for close to 50% of suggested retail. then nickel and dime you for batteries, cases, caps.

    Rule of thumb I follow –

    1. only go to reputable dealers, B&H, Adorama, Nikon (or Canon) direct.
    2. Expect that the dealers above, will sell products at suggested list, and if a sale occurs, check with manufacturer, they will be reflecting same discount.
    3. Accept that this is just how it is.. I hate paying high prices, but I hate getting jacked and money stolen, for a fake…

    and so it goes.

    | |