Looking to customize Adobe Photoshop to be genuinely you? In this new video from the Photoshop Traning Channel, Jesús Ramirez will walk us through 2 ways (Manual & Script based ), to fully customize and colorize our Photoshop workspace.

Photoshop Interface Defaults

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Keep in mind, the Photoshop base setup is gray so that it doesn’t disturb your color perception while you work. Customizing your workspace to a different color could impact your color perception which may not be a good thing depending on what you’re working on. So just keep that in mind and be sure to make a backup of the default settings, (UIColors.txt),  so that you can always revert things should something go wrong.

How To Edit The Photoshop Colors

Manually With a Text Editor

Manual Editing of Photoshop Colors

Using a 3rd party/pro Text Editor you can change the settings by adjusting the RGB values in the UIColors.txt settings file of Photoshop for each element (ie, scroll bars, ruler, layers, etc).

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Using a Script

Jazz y Script from Adobe

By using the automated script by Jazz-y on the Adobe Support Community, you can automatically change the colors of your UI by each element by simply choosing the element and color from a menu within photoshop (screenshot below).

Script Based Color Changing in Photoshop

Jesús mentioned that there may be some issues saving the settings file directly to the PS folder, meaning it’d work better to save somewhere like your desktop and then copy/pasting it to the proper settings folder to make the changes. so be sure to keep that in mind.

You can find the links to all the relevant scripts and files on his website here along with additional details for customizing your Adobe Photoshop Layout.

*Content shared with permission