Google has announced a neat new feature for anyone who has or is getting one of techy new Android Wear smart watches. Users will now be able to control their smartphone camera from the watch on their wrist.


Unfortunately, at least with the current generation of Android Wear watches, the watch can only act like a shutter release – though it does show a small image preview following the image being taken. But there is not functionality for live view on the watch, at least not yet.

Personally, I think this is both neat and pointless. Usually if I am taking a picture with my phone, it is in my hand, no need to use my watch to take the image. But I guess this could be useful in group photo situations where the only camera around is a phone.

Image of Android Wear Camera App via TNW
Image of Android Wear Camera App via TNW

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Where I think the potential for this is really interesting is when/if actual camera manufacturers make apps that allow you to control your camera via the smart watch on your wrist. I would love to be able to use the watch on my wrist to be able to trigger my camera, and or change basic settings. I don’t even need a true live view, maybe just a preview image that updates after a setting is changed so you can get a basic feel for what effect the changes you made have on the image you are going for.

The new Google update should be available now (though it may not show up in Play just yet, but it should shortly). So anyone with a watch already should be able to try this out.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is a neat feature or do you agree with me that it is mostly pointless? Leave a comment below.

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