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09 Aug 2022

Hyper lapse

Description: Hyperlapses are time-lapse videos with added movement. The hyper lapse can be achieved by moving the camera short distances between each shot, and this is what makes it so spectacular to watch in videos! They can be created by mounting a camera on top of something that will move, like an ordinary tripod or motorized dolly and panning along for longer periods than would otherwise happen naturally in one shot.

Most of you have heard of timelapse, taking pictures at a set interval and then stitching them together in a video to show the passage of time. But have you heard of hyperlapse? Basically it is a timelapse, but hyper (haha, video reference).

As you can see above, the guys over at Digital Rev on YouTube did a fantastic job of explaining how to do a hyperlapse, full of some great examples, and as always - some good laughs.

The process of making a hyperlapse is virtually the same as a timelapse, just with more movement. The results are, or can be I should say, amazing and are almost always interesting. This seems like a great way to add interest to a timelapse project.


Hyperlapse Tips

  • Keep subject centered
  • Monopod is easier than a tripod
  • Process just like a timelapse
  • Practice on stationary objects like buildings

I plan on giving this a try, it looks like a fun way to pass some time...