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16 Aug 2022

Fujicolor Pro

Description: Introduced in 2004 and discontinued in 2021, Fujicolor Pro was a line of professional color negative films from Fujifilmfor weddings, portraits and commercial photography. It originally comprised four emulsions: Portra 160S (screenplay), Portrait 400H (high speed black & white), 800Z/fc3200 Emulsion.(fade to cream). Its main competitor is Kodak's popular film-Kodacolor 8x10" which has replaced its previous version named "Portapower plus." Fujicore will continue production only until 2021 when further supplies are depleted after over 30 years since it first hit shelves.

Fuji 400h Lightroom Preset

Most of the world has converted to digital photography, but there are still some photographers out there who shoot film. Why? Because there are types of film that digital processing has yet to master emulating, like Fuji400h. Now I, Pye Jirsa, have done what no other photographer has been able to do. I have created the perfect 1-click Lightroom preset to make your digital photos look like Fuji400h. It's quite the accomplishment. I kid, I kid. In this new Lightroom Preset System, I created a 1-click preset to get your photos close to that filmic Fuji400h look. Check it out in the video and article below!

Our Mixology

  1. Foundation: Fuji 400h - Muted Toning
  2. Definition: Soften+
  3. Definition: Contrast Boost

Before Mixology Applied

PVR_2189-2After Mixology Applied

Photo Credit: Paul Von Rieter


Before Fuji 400h Preset Applied


After Fuji 400h Preset Applied


Before Fuji 400h Preset Applied


After Fuji 400h Preset Applied