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12 Jun 2024

Focus Lock

ˈfoʊkəs lɑk
Description: Term: Focus Lock Description: Some cameras have a special function button that can "lock" focus, or stop autofocus from actively working. On many cameras that have this feature, it is activated by hitting a button labeled AF-L/AE-L, on the back of the camera near your right thumb. (Note: by default, this button will also lock your camera's Auto Exposure function, as its label implies. You can usually re-program this button to do different things instead, such as, lock autofocus only, or lock auto-exposure only, or even start autofocus, or perform the "AF-ON" function, usually if the camera does not have a separate button for that function.)

It is important to understand that “Focus Lock” is a general term that can be used to describe a number of different shooting techniques. Indeed, the goal of most photographs is to “lock focus” on a subject, and this can be achieved in a number of different ways.

Some photographers use this method described above, which is, autofocusing in Single/One-Shot focus mode, by half-pressing the shutter release button, and using the Focus Lock (AF-L) button when necessary. This is different than actively “locking” autofocus off by switching from autofocus to manual focus entirely, but the objective is the same, and which method you choose will be based on the activity of your subject.

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