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24 Apr 2024

Color Grade

Term: Color Grade
Description: Color grading is the process of adjusting the colors and tones of an image or video to create a specific mood or look. It involves altering the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue of the image or video, as well as applying various filters and effects. Color grading is commonly used in film and video production, photography, and digital art to enhance the visual quality and impact of the final product. It is often performed by professional colorists using specialized software and hardware tools.

Secrets of Color-Grading in Photography

If you want to improve your understanding of colors in photography, you might want to watch this one-hour session with Joanna Kustra. “Invest just an hour – and I promise this will be THE BEST time spent on enhancing your color-grading skills!”

Secrets of Color Grading Psychology of Color

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This is a recording of a live webinar from Joanna with BenQ on color harmonies, finding your own style, and applying that all in practice. While many of us are familiar with the color wheel, it’s surprising to think that almost no one knows how to apply this tool to their actual workflow. This webinar is designed to change that and help you use better color theory in your images.

Color Grading IdeasSecrets of Color Grading Photo Edit

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Enjoy and be sure to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section ! To see more of Joanna’s work, please visit her websites linked below;

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