If you’re the sort that likes to DIY everything under the sun (or clouds) then I’ve got just the project for you. The guys over at DIY Photography have put together another great option for those of you looking to make a rain cover and can’t afford the $6 for an OP/TECH 18-Inch rainsleeve that come two in a pack (can you sense the sarcasm?).

This project involves a plastic bag and an old/empty CD or DVD spindle. It is actually quite ingenious, and it works great (yes I made one). If you are curious about this and would like to learn more head on over to DIY Photography and learn how to build one yourself.


What I did With This….

I actually merged this project with one of those Op/Tech rainsleeves that I mentioned earlier. Basically for those of you that don’t have lens hoods the rain sleeve doesn’t quite get the job done on its own. By adding this device onto the end of your lens, minus the plastic bag and in addition to the rainsleeve, you basically have your own DIY lens hood for a rainy day. It won’t work to block any light or flares as a traditional lens hood would, but it shields the face of the lens from the rain well enough. You could even paint the thing black if you like your gear to match.

In the end it comes down to a matter of what is acceptable to you. Some people would never use a DIY solution for their photography, and others strictly use DIY solutions – those of you with open minds have the real dilemma here…

Would you guys trust a DIY solution to protect your lens/camera in the rain? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Lifehacker via DIY Photography]