Leave it to Apple to turn industries on their heads, making huge changes and expecting the world to follow along. With their newest iPhone operating system, iOS 11, released yesterday, images and video are getting a space-saving reboot in the form of High Efficiency Image Format files (.HEIC). As this file type is being thrust upon an ill-prepared world, the files will need to be converted to a commonly used file type for most uses outside of the iOS ecosystem, and what is more widely used than a JPEG?

While iOS 11 will offer inbuilt solutions, there is a desktop option that JPEGmini users will appreciate, as well as those that have been eager to try out JPEGmini’s capabilities but have not made the purchase. That option is a website – https://heictojpg.com – where .HEIC images can be uploaded and will be converted for free using JPEGmini’s superb, quality-retaining compression.


This is a great option for those who take their mobile photography seriously and don’t trust an automatic in-phone conversion to do right by their photographs. In a sense, JPEGmini and .HEIC are kind of made for each other. Each promises smaller files without compromising on image quality, and with heictojpg.com, the two work together to keep your files’ quality at its utmost while delivering a smaller footprint.

For more in-depth information on .HEIC files as well as other important and noteworthy new features in iOS 11, hop over this post.

What do you think? Are you eager for a new, more compact era in digital image files, or do you think Apple has made a blunder?