Oh, joys of wedding photography. Being a recovering wedding photographer, I know full well the common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to photographing weddings. It’s understandable that some photographers avoid weddings like the plague. The stories I could tell of mishaps, drama and ruckus on a wedding day and if you’re a wedding photographer, I am sure that you also have an arsenal of stories to fill a book.


If I haven’t scared off any of you aspiring wedding photographers, then read on. There are some common mistakes that most wedding photographers make when they first start out and I think I might have made all of them. In the following video from B&H, wedding photographer Susan Stripling talks about the top 8 pitfalls of shooting weddings and how you can avoid them. As Susan mentions, there are things that can happen unexpectedly, but things you can prevent. The number one pitfall she mentions is not managing client expectations by managing the timeline of the wedding day. (I wrote about setting up a wedding day timeline in this article).


Susan also talks about finding out who is in charge, how to speak to your clients, what to do if your gear breaks during a wedding, how to set up a system, and more. There’s a wealth of info in this 8.5-minute video, and it’s worth a watch if you’re aspiring to shoot weddings or just as good reminders if you’re a seasoned wedding photographer.

Watch Top 8 Pitfalls of Shooting Weddings with Susan Stripling

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