Photographers love speed and efficiency. In fact, artists in general find anything that increases the time between idea and application really bogs down the creative process.

So having a camera that cuts out the process of transferring photos and then uploading them sounds appealing to most photographers. Wi-Fi cameras do just that, allowing the photographs to instantly get uploaded as soon as you take the picture, if you so choose. These days, there’s quite a selection of cameras that do this, so we’ve narrowed it down to the best cameras you can buy that are Wi-Fi capable.

Nikon D3200


Nikon’s entry-level DSLR camera beats their own D7100 simply because the price outweighs the features.

Wi-Fi may not come built-in to this device, but it does work with a wireless mobile adapter that costs about $63, which is still well worth it at the end of the day. You can install a free Wireless Mobility Utility app that lets you transfer and edit images via your mobile device.

Samsung NX300

Samsung’s main compact system camera allows you to use Wi-Fi or NFC (Near Field communication) to send pictures to your Android, iPhone or other tablet/smartphone devices.

It also comes with another free downloadable app that lets you control camera settings remotely, and even take pictures.

Panasonic Lumix TZ40


Seemingly designed for travelers because of the extensive zoom feature, the Lumix proves to be another great Wi-Fi and NFC camera option. Install the Panasonic Image app on your smartphone or other device, and the TZ40 becomes remotely controlled via that device.

When put in live mode, you can take pictures from afar, then view them or delete them. You can also use the device to remotely switch between pictures and video. Combine these remote capabilities with satellite internet services, and the possibilities become endless.

Nikon Coolpix S800c


This handy little device comes already equipped with Android OS, and of course, Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s already hooked up with Google Play, so you can easily access photo apps straight from the site.

The Wi-Fi also lets you share to any smartphone, along with the usual social media outlets. Just like using Instagram on your phone, this camera uses GPS to track your location so you can record where you snap those photos.

Samsung Galaxy Camera


Wi-Fi and 3G technology built into this camera lets you take and upload photos without having to worry about using your smartphone or tablet to make the connection. You can download photo apps to this camera as well, including Instagram, to edit your photos and use effects before uploading them, all on the same device.

Canon 6D

This camera transfers images between other Canon cameras with Wi-Fi abilities, connects to smartphones, can print on a wi-fi printer, or connect to a web service just like the other cameras on here.

This one comes with a remote as well. The Canon EOS 6D probably takes the cake for the best Wi-Fi camera, but you might not want to shell out the money as it costs over $2,000.

No matter which camera you buy, you’ll have the great convenience of working everything from one device if you so please.