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40 Mesmerizing Wedding Photos From July 2018 | Awards Announced!

By SLR Lounge Official on August 20th 2018

Our July Awards submission period closed at the end of last month and we faced some difficult decisions in choosing our group of winners in the Wedding Portraiture & Wedding Photojournalism categories. If you didn’t receive an award, don’t give up! We choose winners every month so keep submitting for your chance to win in August!

To familiarize yourself with the scoring and selection of our winners please visit the Awards Instructions page.  The winners are determined by a combination of community scoring and panel scoring.  The panel consists of photographers from the creators of SLR Lounge, Lin and Jirsa Photography, along with other professional photographers/SLR Lounge editors.

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Wedding Portraiture Category

Apex Winners

Jesse La Plante – SLRL Profile | Website

Sean Le Blanc – SLRL Profile | Website

Megan Allen – SLRL Profile | Website

Alexsandra Wiciel – SLRL Profile | Website

Maciek Januszewzki – SLRL Profile | Website

Donatas UFO – SLRL Profile | Website

Donni Juniawan – SLRL Profile | Website

Annuj Yoganathan – SLRL Profile | Website

Dalbir Virdee – SLRL Profile | Website

Summit Winners

Jason Vinson – SLRL Profile | Website

Ridho Irvan – SLRL Profile | Website

Evelina Dzienaite – SLRL Profile | Website

Dave Shay – SLRL Profile | Website

Elliot Nichol – SLRL Profile | Website

Ray Sawyer – SLRL Profile | Website

Scott Josuweit – SLRL Profile | Website

Ascent Winners

Pavel Gomzyakov – SLRL Profile | Website

Andra Lesmana – SLRL Profile | Website

Enitan Opeodu – SLRL Profile | Website

Daniel Meyer – SLRL Profile | Website

Krzysztof Krawczyk – SLRL Profile | Website

Heru Widodo – SLRL Profile | Website

Ruan Redelinghuys – SLRL Profile | Website

Kacper Białobłocki – SLRL Profile | Website

Wedding Photojournalism Category

Apex Winners

Anmol Vig – SLRL Profile | Website

Ram Karan Devaraj – SLRL Profile | Website

Andy Casota – SLRL Profile | Website

Aaron Storry – SLRL Profile | Website

Scott Josuweit – SLRL Profile | Website

Summit Winners

Malinetescu Georgian – SLRL Profile | Website

Jared Gant – SLRL Profile | Website

Priyanshu Bhargava – SLRL Profile | Website

Laurentiu Nica – SLRL Profile | Website

Ram Karan Devaraj – SLRL Profile | Website

Klaudia Amanowicz – SLRL Profile | Website

Ferry Dwi Dharma – SLRL Profile | Website

Ryan Young – SLRL Profile | Website

Ascent Winners

Gilang Cahyo Kumolo – SLRL Profile | Website

Nicole Engstrom – SLRL Profile | Website

Gareth Edwards – SLRL Profile

Majestic – SLRL Profile

Andy Casota – SLRL Profile | Website

SLR Lounge Premium members receive 3 submissions per month while SLR Lounge users receive one submission so make sure to use them before the month ends!

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