Just how much make-up and Photoshop magic is involved in a photo shoot? We’ve shown the before and after photos of girl’s with and without makeup in past articles and have debated on the use of Photoshop in creating a final image. Now see it in action with this video of a model being manipulated from normal to barbie in just 1 minute and 12 seconds!


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This mind-blowing video surfaced a few years ago. It was created by Global Democracy, an organization that allows people to propose and vote on global issues. The idea was to have mandatory disclaimers on all photos of airbrushed models because of the negative effect the massively airbrushed perfection of magazine cover models on women and especially young girls.

You’ll see that, not only is the model coiffed and made up, she is stretched, curved, airbrushed and elongated into “perfection.”

What do you think? Should we put a disclaimer on photos that have been digitally altered?

[via @Huffington Post/Youtube]