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Gear & Apps
Facebook, according to one executive, will be all video within 5 years. Let that sink in for a moment, because 5 years on the scale of ‘time’,...
Gear & Apps
We all know that 2017 was poised to be a big year. The GH5 announcement, looming Sony updates, and of course Nikon’s 100th year anniversary....
Featured Projects
This first ever narrative film was shot at 51,200 ISO with the Sony A7s, lit exclusively by moonlight.
By now we all already know that the A7s is an absolute low light beast. One so good no other camera can really touch it. This video, produced by...
A lot of fuss was made over the recent announcement of the Panasonic Gh4 and its 4K recording capabilities. Well, not one to be outdone, Sony has...
Featured Artists
Jared Gant Ascent Award Winner Wedding Portraiture
Ray Sawyer Summit Award Winner Wedding Portraiture
Owik Prasetya Apex Award Winner Wedding Portraiture