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30 Jan 2023




BTS Look At The Seattle Sounders Player Photography

The MLS (Major League Soccer) playoffs are here and this weekend pits two of the biggest rivals in the league against each other when the #1 seeded Portland Timbers travel to Seattle to face off against the #4 seeded Sounders. I just came across this neat advertisement, which also doubles as a behind the scenes video for one of the recent Sounders photoshoots.

Camera Reviews and News

Comparing the Nikon 300mm 2.8G VRII with the Nikon 300mm F4

I had the opportunity to shoot with the beastly Nikkor 300mm 2.8G VRII lens this week. The local camera shop, Focalpoint Photography, has started a rental service and I was able to get the lens at a great dray rate of only $30. The reason I needed the 300 2.8 was that I was going to a night game for the Portland Thorns, and I was pretty sure that the 300 F4 I own was not going to cut it.