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Tips & Tricks
You must know how to do this.
Tips & Tricks
Photoshop is a tool that gives you multiple ways of doing almost anything and you for the most part you can’t possibly hope to learn them all....
screen grab of photoshop panel showing the use of selective color in photoshop to retouch skin . After edit image
Tips & Tricks
These techniques are simple and effective. We should all know these four simple methods for adjusting skin color in Photoshop.
Tips & Tricks
Photoshop is the dogs bo****ks. But it can be a fairly daunting place to venture. To help you along with your Photoshop education, I’d like to...
Tips & Tricks
Getting the correct skin tone on someone's face can be tricky as is, and matching skin tones all around the body is on a whole different level....
Tips & Tricks
In this week's instalment of 'Tuesdays With Lauri' we will talk about the "Selective Color" -adjustment panel in PS. We will discuss how the tool...
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