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Filmic Family Sessions | SLR Lounge Film Presets

We’ve all heard the term “bright & airy” roll off the tongue of numerous clients over recent...

Filmic Adjustments using Lightroom’s Camera Calibration

Perfectly calibrated for portraiture, our Film Presets replicate a compelling classic feel to modern images.

Creating Bright & Airy Pastel Filmic Images in Lightroom

Use virtually every tool in Lightroom to arrive at a processing look that emulates vintage film style.

Easy Edit: How to Create a Filmic Matte Photo Using Lightroom in Just Two Clicks

The SLR Lounge Presets save you a TON of time. Here are just one example of a two-click edit I whipped up from a...

Lightroom Preset Update for 2015

The SLRLounge Lightroom Preset system has an update, and it's the most powerful and stylized update yet. Now it's...