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Tips & Tricks
Composition can make or break an image. Even though there are compositional rules for photography, everyone’s photographic eye is unique. You...
Tips & Tricks
How I think about composition and the gear I use.
Tips & Tricks
This is a primary photographic composition concept you must internalize.
Tips & Tricks 3 Tips To Start Taking Better Photographs | Minute Photography
Pye Jirsa August 10, 2017
Welcome to our Minute Photography series, where we explain photography and lighting tips & tricks, myths, and...
Does your lens choice matter when it comes to creating flawless portraits?
Tips & Tricks
Feeling like your work is looking a little “blah” and want to step it up a notch? Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta at Mango Street Lab...
Tips & Tricks
As photographers one of the things we do best is offer unique perspectives on what people see every day. A great photograph can take something...
Tips & Tricks
You ready for the biggest tip I can offer any photographer today? Make your photos about composition above all else, and you’ll see returns. Of...
Tips & Tricks
Art is, literally, what the world looks like without rules; where opinions, drama, and ultimately, feelings, are King. So, to have rules for things...
Tips & Tricks
Today we're talking focusing modes and efficiency.
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