Spiffy Gear has officially released one of the more interesting products i’ve seen this year. Not that they haven’t released some pretty unique items before, but with this light product, well, it’s something special. Introducing the Lumee, a small wearable LED light source.

Affectionately referred to as a “slap light” because it works much the same as the children’s toy bracelets that were kicking around in the 80’s and 90s, the Lumee is available in two styles. First, a Cinema Grade 95+ CRI Bicolor LED and the second, a “mood-generating” RGB LED type.

The bicolor LED offers a white balance range from 2700-6500 Kelvin over 9 steps. The RGB version of the light allows you to individually select red, green and blue LEDs, or all three in different combinations to fine-tune the hue exactly to your needs. The RGB version also comes with a number of built-in special effects (police car lights, fire, TV, etc).

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Now, I actually got to see these guys a while back in a “Beta” in Las Vegas during a trade show but beyond a quick glance, I wasn’t able to get much of a detailed look or information on them, other than “gee that’s kinda neat” and moved on.  So now that the official specs are out and we can see them in action i’m even more intrigued.

According to the website, the light strip not only “snaps” onto objects, but is also magnetic and comes with a set of magnetic mounting discs to help you get your lighting in some tricky spaces. This is what has me intrigued. Think about the practical applications of this for photo and video shoots where you can hide these little and powerful lights in some incredibly unique and tiny spots!

Technical Specifications for the Lumee(s)

Lumee RGB Light Bracelet – $45

  • Main colors: Red, Green, Blue
  • 15 sub-colors
  • Operation time @ full power: 1 Hour
  • Operation time @ low power: 4 Hours
  • Effects: Breathing, Police, Fire, TV, Fireworks

Lumee Bi-Color Light Bracelet – $45

  • CRI 95
  • 2700-6500 Kelvin
  • Operation time @ full power: 1 Hour
  • Operation time @ low power: 4 Hours
  • Effects: Breathing, Candle, Explosion, Red carpet, Stroboscopic

Sample Image Gallery from Spiffy Gear

Final Thoughts

Having done some light paint photos in the past, i’m always excited to play with handheld LED’s anyway. But with the capabilities of this little unit, i’m even more intrigued. I’d like to get my hands on a few of these to see just how well they’ll work on a proper shoot, but I can definitely see myself using these guys on some of my more creative projects. How about you? Will you be ordering a set? Have you had any experience using similar devices? LEt us know in the comments below.

Both versions are available currently on the Spiffy Gear Website, and will be available soon from retailers like B&H & Adorama.