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In an almost “Fast & Furious” like move, ABC7 reports that on Friday, a husband & wife Realestate Photography Team (Home Shots), had their rear window smashed out and about $7,000 worth of camera gear stolen while stuck in traffic! The crazy part, it was broad daylight and the entire thing was caught on camera by a nearby driver!

Ben and Masha were waiting to get onto the I80 around 430pm (pacific) after finishing a shoot earlier that day and as the video above shows, a dark Honda (that they had thought had been following them for a while), pulled up behind them and stole the equipment bag they had stashed in their trunk before quickly speeding off in a different direction.

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Inside the dark-colored bag was a camera, drone, camera lens, video gear, camera flash and some other accessories. In total, Ben says the equipment is valued at about $7,000.

A police report was obviously filed, but even with the video, as of the time of this write up the perpetrators have not been caught nor has any of the gear been recovered. In the meantime, a GoFundMe account has been set up for the team here if you’d like to help out. While this is a terrible situation to have to endure, it’s just another reason to be sure you’ve got yourself set up with proper insurance to protect your gear should something like this ever happens.

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If you have any information regarding this incident, please e-mail the couple at info@homeshots.us or notify the San Francisco Police Department.