At almost exactly the same time, we have two new rumors making their way into the light from Canon and Nikon.  We may see two new advanced amateur DSLR bodies in the next couple months!

On the Canon side, the current advanced amateur cameras from Canon is the 60D.  It is just above the Rebel series, and just below the 7D.  The 60D has the same 18 megapixel sensor as the 7D, however it “loses” a little bit of overall speed and power and functionality.  It is the perfect camera for someone who wants more customizability and control than a Rebel, but doesn’t need to invest in the most expensive model.

A Canon 60D replacement would most likely be called the 70D.  The question is, would it be an incremental improvement over the 60D, …or will it break new innovative ground?  Aside from a few more megapixels and a little bit better ISO / FPS etc, two things that are highly likely are built in wi-fi, and built-in GPS.  Aside from that, it is just a waiting game until we hear more “rumors”.  (Or, official leaks.  ;-)

Interestingly enough, in a recent interview (click HERE, and get ready with google translator!) a Canon representative has mentioned that the 7D replacement will indeed break new ground, it will not just be yet another product update…  Could they be talking about merging the 60D and 7D into one camera?  Possibly.  It was only one generation ago that the “semi-pro”7D and “prosumer” 60D were born out of the 50D, a split in the lineup which may or may not have done well for Canon.  Either way, we should find out soon enough.  (In the next couple months maybe!)


Canon-60DThe Canon 60D  (Currently $699 w/o lens, $999 w/18-135)

The Nikon D7000 may also be replaced soon.  It fits into roughly the same category as the Canon 60D, although it also compares with the Canon 7D in a few respects.  The question is, once again, …will Nikon end their “semi-pro” crop sensor lineup (D300s, D300, D200) …and merely continue with a D7000 replacement that kicks butt?  A D8000, theoretically speaking, could totally replace both the D7000 and the D300s if it had the right specs.

However, at this point it is merely speculation and in my personal opinion, both the Canon 7D lineup and the Nikon D300s lineup are perfectly safe.  But that is another article for another day.  And as with the Canon “70D” rumors, word on the street is that Nikon’s D7000 replacement will also make it’s debut in the next couple months or so.  There is not much waiting left to do!

Nikon D7000The Nikon D7000  (Currently $896 w/o lens, $1196 w/18-105)

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=Matthew Saville=