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15 Jul 2024


Description: Term: SEO
Description: SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, an online marketing practice used to boost the quantity & quality of traffic to a site, ideally through organic search engine results.

A successful SEO strategy depends on multiple factors and can be measured in one of three ways:

  • Quality of Traffic: If web users visit your photography site to hire a wedding photographer, but your site is geared toward sharing the latest photography news, then that is not quality traffic.
  • Quantity of Traffic: The more people who click on your site from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the better.
  • Organic Results: Organic traffic, unlike an ad, does not require you to pay for it.

Some of the basic tools you should take advantage of in order to improve your site’s SEO strategy include keywords (used organically in titles, URLs, text, and images), credible backlinks from other sites (which you can get by submitting content on other sites with links back to yours), internal links to other posts on your site, sitemaps, and engaging metadata, among others. You can track your success using Google Analytics.

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