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22 May 2024

Hyperfocal Distance

Description: The Hyperfocal distance is the focus distance that a photographer should set their lens to in order to achieve "sufficient" sharpness that extends from infinity to as close a point to the camera as possible. In other words, the hyperfocal distance is the setting which mazimizes your depth of field for a specific lens focal length and aperture. Say, for example, on a 24mm lens set to f/16, focusing the lens at 10 ft might give "acceptable" sharpness from 5 ft before the lens, all the way to infinity. NOTE: What is considered "acceptable" sharpness is relative, and depends upon the resolution of the digital camera sensor, as well as the display size (print size, or computer monitor size) and last but not least, the distance from which that image will be viewed. In many cases, common hyperfocal distance measurements have become inadequate to account for super-high-megapixel digital sensors, and extremely close inspection of the resulting image on high-resolution displays or big print sizes.