SLR Lounge has maintained a presence on Facebook since we first launched our site back in 2008. As the scope of our content grew, we created new groups to focus on specific topics like lighting, editing, wedding photography, or even the business of photography. We even created a specialized group for Visual Flow presets. Over time, however, we noticed that many of the comments and questions overlapped across the various groups and we realized our photography community would be better served in one unified place.

Why the New Group?

With the goal of simplifying everything, we’ve merged all of our groups into a single Facebook group: Photography! An Uplifting No B.S. Photographer Community. The new group represents more than a simple merger, however. We’re bringing together the best parts of our SLR Lounge and Visual Flow groups for the benefit of our incredible community of artists! This is your place to share your work while adding value to others. It’s your place to ask questions and look for constructive critique. It’s also your place to network and connect with positive, like-minded individuals.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from our new Facebook group.

Community, Support + Value for Our Photography Community!

best photography community on facebook uplifting no BS slr lounge example 01 2
How-to tips in the group posts

We truly believe this is going to be your most valuable photography community on Facebook. How? Photography (like any endeavor) is a lifelong journey, and we’re all at different stages along the path. We encourage those just starting out to share their work and ask questions. At the same time, we ask those with more experience to engage other members in a friendly manner and offer constructive feedback. Our community includes a large number of renowned, award-winning photographers, and they love to share their knowledge with those eager to learn. A quick scroll through the posts will confirm this to be true.

best photography community on facebook uplifting no BS slr lounge example 05 1
Before/after from group post with short “how-to” instructions

All of our rules & guidelines, which we’ve clearly outlined on our group page, can be summed up with the following phrase: “Be a good human, create value for your peers.” To ensure that our content consistently meets our guidelines, our team of ambassadors moderates all posts. This means you won’t waste your time scrolling through spam/self-promotion. We realize that you are all busy and your time is valuable! We want the time you choose to spend in our group to be engaging and worthwhile.

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Special Opportunities for Our Photography Community

Because this Facebook group is backed by SLR Lounge, we’re able to offer some unique opportunities. Here’s a quick look at some of the opportunities we have planned thus far:

  • Weekly Collaborative Articles (Featured on, see example below)
  • Artist Features + Interviews (Featured on
  • Weekly Group Cover Photo Challenges
  • Live Critique and Q+A with Pye (Bi-weekly)
  • Monthly Live Community Events (See events listed below)

Collaborative Articles

BTS and final image
BTS and final image (from the same session) in group post

We’re currently looking for 10-15 images from group members for an inspirational article to be published on our site, tentatively titled, “10 Adventurous Couples Portraits You Have to See to Believe” (Submission Deadline: September 9, 2021). This article will center around the theme of “Epic Adventure Couples” and feature original images captured by our talented community members. We will also provide SEO backlinks (including links to websites and Instagram profiles) for each photographer featured in the article. Those who are interested can find the easy-to-follow submission guidelines included in the original thread calling for submissions.

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Community Events

We’re busy putting together a great lineup of monthly live events for our photography community featuring Pye Jirsa, our ambassadors, and other members from our community. Below, we’ve listed two of our upcoming community events to give you an idea of what you can expect to see in this group.

flyer for live event

FB Live: Sales Objections
September 8, 2021 | 9am PST/12pm EST

The business of photography can prove difficult to navigate, especially for creatives who tend to shy away from the business side of things. In this FB Live event, Pye Jirsa will refer to comments from our photography community about their most challenging objections and sales questions. Pye will also lean on his own expertise as well after having built one of the most profitable photography studios in the world. This particular session is free to watch live and replay until Friday, September 10th. After that, we’ll archive the session in the SLR Lounge Premium Library.


flyer for another live event

FB Live: Avoiding the 2021 Burnout
September 14, 2021 | 9am PST/12pm EST

Jared Gant will join our group ambassador, Chad Winstead, to discuss the effects of an overwhelming workload and explore ways to avoid burnout. Jared is a master at managing a small business and putting systems into place to avoid burnout. Don’t miss these valuable tips!

Join Our Uplifting + No B.S. Photography Community!

We hope you’ll join us as we begin this new phase of our photography journey on Facebook. The group is free to join and provides access to quality content and a kind, knowledgeable community. Engaging this community will allow you to make new connections and improve as a photographer. You might find that you’ll grow as a compassionate human being.