A dirty camera lens can lead to all sorts of issues for photographers.  It can cause dark spots to show up on an image, especially at smaller apertures, that require additional post production.  Smudges over important parts of an image can cause unintended softness or blur.  Dirty lenses can even cause focus issues for your camera.

To take care of your gear and to ensure that your lenses are working as intended, cleaning them routinely is important. You can treat your lens well, but no matter how cautious you are, the glass will eventually gather dust and require attention.

Camera lens cleaners come in two types – pre-moistened wipes or microfiber cleaners. We have selected our favorite lens cleaners of 2020, a list made up of wipes and cloths suitable for cleaning glass camera lenses.

ZEISS Washing Wipes Lens  [Recommended]

Zeiss Pre Moistened Cleaning Cloth for Camera LensesZEISS is a well-known maker of high-quality optics. The camera lens cleaners are of superb quality and leave no residue behind on the lens glass. You could clean your lenses with a tried-and-tested microfiber cloth combination and a specialized cleaning spray, but there is a chance that the cloth will pick up dirt in your kit bag, while the spray will take up precious space. On the other hand, these pre-moistened lens wipes are incredibly useful. Each wipe comes in a small 5 cm square sealed bag and unfolds to 15x12cm, just the right size for cleaning the front or rear lens parts. The formula will evaporate to leave a smooth, streak-free, and crystal-clear finish.

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CamKix Lens Cleaning Kit

CamKix Lens and Screen Cleaning KitFirst, the tissue is used to clear any residue and surface dirt from the glass lens. The value of this product is excellent, and it is a useful cleaning tool for professional and amateur photographers. The tissues are smooth and easy to use; however, you shouldn’t rub them too hard; it works to absorb and remove any loose surface dust.

Pros: Quite cost-effective. It cleanses light dust efficiently

Cons: It doesn’t get rid of sticky or heavier residue; wet wipes and microfiber cloth work better.

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Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

Care Touch Lens Cleaning WipesCare Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes are a great choice, with a package of 400 camera lens wipes that are inexpensive. The wiper uses ammonia-free coating and high-tech materials to ensure that damage to the glass lens is impossible. Plus, the isopropyl solution provides a frost-free cleaning process that leaves your lens looking fresh. The small size ensures that you can hold a few of these in your pocket for quick use.


  • It contains one large pack of lens wipes and cleaning cloths
  • It has a fair price in bulk
  • Anti-streak lens wipes with 200 individual wipes
  • The ammonia-free solution cleans the lens well
  • Six scratch-resistant microfiber cleaning cloths

Cons:  Unable to use wipes on coated lenses

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PEC PAD 4×4 Non-Abrasive Lint Free Wipes

PEC PAD Lint Free WipesPEC PAD is a well-known brand producing a myriad of cleaning kits. PEC PAD 4×4 lint-free wipers are an excellent option for your camera lenses. The only drawback is quantity; it is only available in large pack sizes that certain users may not need. However, the lint-free wipes ensure that no stray material makes its way to your camera lens.

PEC PADs are highly known in the photography industry to solve all kinds of photography problems. Lint-free cloths are disposable and incredibly durable. They can be used to clean items like screens and front lenses. Additionally, they can be maximized on their own when used in combination with an effective cleaning solvent. PEC PADs may also be used to clean fingerprints, adhesive stains, and molds from slides and negatives before scanning – but this will require the use of Photography Solutions.  Note: The wet cleaning solution is purchased separately.  The wipes come in small quantity.

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Sensei Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

Sensei Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

The Sensei Micofiber Lens Cleaning Cloth allows photographers to safely clean camera lenses (and other lenses like glasses and phones).  The cloth features soft microfiber fabric so your lenses will not be scratched, leaving your lens streak free.

On one side of the cloth there is  a covering of textured rubber dots to give the user a secure grip. And a convenient addition is that the fabric is 18% gray, so you can use it to set your camera’s white balance.

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Eco-Fused Microfiber Lens Cleaner

Eco Fused Microfiber Cleaning ClothsHigh-quality microfiber cleaners work just as well as the camera lens wipes. They perform the same role. These Eco-Fused lens cleaners are a top option and incredibly inexpensive – the regular kit offers a total of 12 cloths in three different colors. The clothes are perfectly sized and can fit comfortably into your pocket or camera case. The material is exceptionally soft but efficient in removing dirt and stains without scratching the lens itself. The longevity of these clothes is also great, since they can be either machine washed or hand washed.

Eco-Fused cloths use an incredibly tight weave so that they are ideally suited to the cleaning of fine dust and debris. The smooth fabric also prevents dirt and detritus from accumulating while placed in your camera bag. Excessive dust on your lens is better blown away first, but otherwise, the cloths can clean well and remove most smudges and oily stains. However, they are better combined with a professional cleaning spray lens for a genuinely crystal-clear finish.

  • Size and material are perfect for cleaning the lens
  • Fair cleaning efficiency
  • Best combined with a liquid cleaner to produce flawless results
  • Microfibre cloths are the product of choice for many photographers to clean. They’re perfect for cleaning, not just the lenses, but also the LCD screen of your camera, filters, phone, and tablet screens.

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Optix 55 Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaner

Eyeglass Cleaner Lens WipesThis box of 100 pre-moistened wipes is one of the best budget values.  Not only can they be used to disinfect lenses, but they can also be used for computer monitors, sunglasses, mobile screens, and more. The wipes are individually packaged so that instead of removing the entire package, you can put a handful of wipes in your camera case for convenience. Also, every wipe package is recyclable. Thanks to the ammonia-free formula, these wipes are safe and easy to use and do not grind or leave striations on your lenses.


  • Easily and efficiently remove debris and residue from your camera lenses
  • The wipes are individually packaged so you can conveniently take them with you everywhere you go
  • Do not produce wet streaks on the lenses
  • The formula is safe and free of ammonia
  • Remove the smudges and grimes from the lenses

Cons: A couple of them are dry when they’re opened.

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Photographers of all levels, from amateurs to pros, should invest in at least one wet cleaning solution and one dry cleaning solution.  And be sure to have them handy in your camera bag at all times to avoid using shirts and other pieces of cloth that aren’t designed to protect your lenses.

Using these cleaners, you can perform a daily cleaning procedure to ensure that your lenses are free from dirt and dust. It helps boost your images’ accuracy and consistency and eventually ensures that you get your lens’s best results.