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14 Apr 2024

Partner Page Information

The SLR Lounge Partner Pages include discounts on products and services from some of the best companies in the photography industry.   Our partners benefit from direct exposure to our audience of aspiring and professional photographers. There are no fees to participate in the program.

There are two partner pages on SLR Lounge:

  1. A Public Page – accessible to everyone
  2. A Private Page – accessible to paying premium members only

Click here to view the Public Partner Page. The Private Partner Page is identical but accessible to paying premium members only and includes larger discounts.

Partner requirements

Being listed on our partner page is a direct recommendation of products or services to our community.  As such, we have high standards for the companies listed.  Here is our list of qualifications:

  1. The company must provide products or services directed related to the photography industry.
  2. The company must have an outstanding reputation in the photography industry.
  3. The company must provide a product or service that SLR Lounge can recommend based on direct, unbiased experience using the product or service.
  4. The company must participate in the program for at least one full year.

Discount Code requirements

We suggest that each company provide two different discount codes, one for the general Public Page (optional but recommended) and one for the members-only Private Partners Page (required).

We recommend that each company make the discount on the private page more than the discount offered on the public page, as it’s offered to a smaller, more targeted audience.

While you can discontinue your participation in the partner program anytime after one year, we suggest that the discount codes NOT contain an expiration date.  If your system requires the input of an expiration date, we require that the date be at least 2 years in the future.  This avoids the negative experience of community members attempting to use expired codes.

How to Get Started

If you would like to have your company considered for our partner page, please email help@slrlounge.com with the following information:

  1. Your company name
  2. Your best contact email and phone number
  3. Your offer & discount code for our public page (optional)
  4. Your offer & discount code for our private page (required)


Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: There is no cost.

Q: How much should we make the discounts?

A: Typical discounts range from 10% to 20%.