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18 Jul 2024

SLR Lounge
Media Kit

SLR Lounge is an active photography and cinematography community with comprehensive workshops on shooting techniques, post production, business and more.  We specialize in creating no nonsense, real world education for creatives to learn and develop their craft. We also deliver industry news, inspiration, artist features, gear talk, and other engaging and interactive content. We would love to work with you, to help build your brand equity in our community and to help you achieve your goals. Please see our options below.



When you advertise with SLR Lounge, your brand is working with successful, working professional photographers.   SLR Lounge is operated by Lin and Jirsa Photography, a team of over 40 photographers, cinematographers, and post producers that shoot weddings, portrait sessions, family shoots, maternity, newborn, and commercial shoots. In total, we photograph nearly 1,000 client commissions a year.

What this means is that we maintain industry knowledge and credibility from our working experience.

Lin & Jirsa Team Photo

Notable Lin & Jirsa Stats

  • Speakers at PPA, PhotoPlus, WPPI and other Conferences
  • Educational partner of CreativeLive
  • Named “Legend’s of Light” by Profoto
  • Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US by Brandsmash
  • Founded in 2008 (Over 12 years of experience)

Numbers and Reach


Monthly Unique Users

We cultivate an active, engaged, and diverse community of photographers and cinematographers.  47% of our readership comes from the US, with the remaining 53% coming internationally. Our second-most active country is the United Kingdom, with Canada and Australia close behind. 

Moz Domain Authority

We have authority in the Photo/Cinema space.  According to the Moz website, “Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Newsletter Subs

We focus on open and click rates rather than simply growing the number of emails. We prune out inactive members and use reengagement campaigns to maintain a healthy list. In fact, we typically maintain 25-30% Open Rate and 7-10% Click Rate.












13% of our community classified themselves as “Photography Enthusiasts,” those who do not own a prosumer or professional camera but have a strong interest in photography.



48% of our audience classified themselves as “Photography Enthusiasts,” those who own a professional or prosumer camera but do not rely on photography as their primary income.



39% of our community classifies themselves as “Professional Photographers,” those who own a professional camera and rely on photography as a primary source of income.

For more information on Demographics and User Personas, please click here.

How to Succeed with SLR Lounge

We want to help you achieve your goals; and to do so, we offer a wide variety of sponsorship options.  We are constantly adjusting these options to stay up-to-date with the best marketing practices and the ever-changing landscape of our photography industry.

Trust is Everything

To maintain the trust of our audience, we can only accept sponsored content from companies whose products and services we have had a positive experience with.  With this standard in place, the audience that we have cultivated is loyal and willing to consider our recommendations.

Education Over Hard Selling

Successful campaigns teach photographers how to accomplish a goal, with your product as one of the tools to get there.   Valuable content is shared, while “salesy” content is ignored.

Long Term Partnerships Over One-Time Campaigns

Our most successful campaigns typically span several months or longer. While a short, one-time campaign might provide brand recognition and create some conversions, a longer campaign creates multiple impressions and drives long-term loyalty.

Recommended Packages

Package 1

Rate: $5,000 (Regularly $5,500)

Package 2

Rate: $6,000 (Regularly $8,000)

Video Sponsorships

Video content is an essential component of many successful marketing plans.  On SLR Lounge, this is one of the most effective options, as it takes full advantage of our diverse array of platforms.  All of our videos are shared on the following channels:

Distribution starts with uploading the video to our Youtube Channel, reaching our hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Written Article
The video is also embedded in a complete, 500+ word, SEO friendly article on slrlounge.com with links to your product and website.

Facebook Post & Facebook Video Upload
This written article is shared on our Facebook Page, driving social traffic to the article and views for the video.  One week after the video is shared on Youtube, the video is posted on Facebook (as native Facebook video), giving the video additional views on a new platform.

The article featuring the video is also shared on Twitter according to best practices.  We can include any hashtags and account tags that you prefer.

Ad Breaks

Ad Breaks Sponsorships are 15 to 20 second breaks that promote your product near the beginning of our regular weekly Youtube videos.  We will work with you to craft a script and determine the best visual assets to display for maximum effectiveness.

To maintain trust and credibility, we are highly selective with the companies we can work with for these sponsorships.  Please contact us to see if you qualify.  We have limited availability since we only create 50-75 videos each year.

See the two example videos below:

Bay Photo logo 1

As part of a multi-article educational campaign,  the purpose of this ad break was to increase exposure of the brand and drive conversions with a discount code to the product.

media kit logos

As part of a multi-article, multi-video campaign, the purpose of this ad break was to increase attendance at WPPI 2020.

Rates: $750/video
Minimum Quantity:  4 Videos

Custom Videos

In custom videos, we demonstrate how to use your product or service in a dedicated 5-10 minute tutorial.  Our content creation team will work with you to brainstorm the best approach for maximum reach and effectiveness.  If you have a particular need or approach, we can execute on it.  Otherwise, we can take the lead, leveraging our experience and creativity to connect your product with our audience.

To maintain trust and credibility, we are highly selective with the companies we can work with for these sponsorships.  Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Please see the two video examples below:

canon logo

As part of an “edutainment” series, the purpose of this video was to show our audience how to achieve impactful and creative images using the Canon EOS R and minimal gear.

enola gay

The purpose of this campaign was to demonstrate how to use Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades to create artistic and unique imagery.

Rates: $5,000 -$10,000/Video
Minimum Quantity: 2 Videos
Note: The final budget requirement depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of production days and models required, the complexity of the project, filming location requirements and more.  Contact us for a custom quote.

TikTok + IGTV Video Sponsorships (New)

SLR Lounge has fully embraced the fastest growing social media platform in the US, TikTok.  Within 1 year of starting our account, @linandjirsa, we’ve grown our followers to over 800k, with high engagement and comments for our videos.

We offer two types of TikTok sponsorships: 1) Add on TikTok Vidoes and 2) Dedicated TikTok Videos.  With each video created for TikTok, we also upload the video to Instagram TV (IGTV).  As an optional bonus, we can also upload the video to our Twitter account as well.  See the details below:

Option 1: Add on TikTok Video

If you ordered a Custom Youtube Video, we can create a shorter, vertical-oriented version of the video to fit the TikTok Format.  This is only available if you are also ordering a Custom Youtube Video.

Rate: $500/Video
Minimum Quantity: 2 Videos

Option 2: Dedicated TikTok Video

If you would like your product or service featured in a standalone, dedicated TikTok Video, then we can work with you to craft organic placement into a video.  Please note, that in order to best serve our community, we need to remain highly selective with the products that we feature in these videos.

Rate: $2,000/Video
Minimum Quantity: 2 Videos

tiktok 1

Article Sponsorships

Reach our large readership with a sponsored post on our website.  Whether you’re looking to build loyalty, increase brand awareness, drive traffic, convert users, or gather leads, there are many opportunities to accomplish your goals.

We offer two types of sponsored posts: 1) Sponsored Articles and 2) Giveaways (more information below).

Each post is shared in the following places:

Written Article
Each post is published on slrlounge.com according to best SEO practices, with links to your product and website.

Twitter and Facebook

The article is shared on our Twitter Account and Facebook Page, all with the best practices for each platform, driving social traffic to the article and impressions for your brand.

Sponsored Articles

sponsored post

Sponsored articles are 500+ word articles published on slrlounge.com.  These can be sale announcements, product launches, original tutorials featuring your product, product features, or any other piece of original content.  You can either provide the content for our team to modify to fit our voice, or we can craft an article for your approval.

To maintain trust and credibility, we are highly selective with the companies we can work with for these sponsorships.  Please contact us to see if you qualify.

1 Article Package: $2,000/article
5 Article Package: $1,750/article ($8,750 Total)

Sponsored Giveaways

giveaway media kit

A giveaway is perfect for building hype and generating leads for a new or existing product.  We use the gleam.io app to run our giveaways, which grants users entries for specified actions.  You may choose multiple actions from  the following list:

You must provide (and ship) the product directly to the winner of the contest.  You may dictate the giveaway rules and restrictions, including location, age, and other legal qualifications.

1 Giveaway Package: $2,000/Giveaway

Newsletter Sponsorships

Reach new audiences with our newsletter sponsorships.  We focus on open and click rates rather than simply growing the number of emails. We prune out inactive members and use “reengagement campaigns” to maintain a healthy list. In fact, we typically maintain 25-30% Open Rate and 7-10% Click Rate.

Current List Size: 74,500

Newsletter Banners

newsletter banners 1

Each month, we send out a curated list of our best articles on SLR Lounge.  We offer one (and only one) advertising slot within each of these newsletters.  The placement is right below the featured story for maximum visibility, and the dimensions are 600px wide by 200px tall.

1 Send Package: $500/send
4 Send Package: $375/send ($1,500 Total)

Dedicated Newsletters

media kit dedicated newsletter 1 1

A Dedicated Newsletter, also known as a List Rental, is a dedicated email with a custom, html-enabled message, sent directly to our thousands of email subscribers.

In order to protect the health of the list, we are only able to partner with select companies for this sponsorship option.  In addition, the message delivered needs to fit a set criteria.  Please contact us to see if your company and your message qualify.

1 Send Package: $4,000/send
3 Send Package: $3,333/send ($10,000 Total)

Website Banners

media kit sidebars 4

Sidebar banner ads are perfect for new product releases, sales, or general product or brand awareness campaigns. We offer competitive CPM rates with placement displayed in the accompanying graphic.  We highly recommend pairing banner ads with other sponsorship options for maximum effectiveness.

Varies (Contact us for details)

Getting Started

To get started, please email us to let us know which items you are interested in.  If you have any custom package needs or questions about anything above, we’re happy to set up a call to discuss.

Thank you and have a great day.

Contact: Christopher Lin
Email: Chris@slrlounge.com

9. Demographics and User Personas