Users of Sony’s E-Mount cameras, your prayers have been answered. There is now a way to get that shoddy plastic/metal lens mount *fixed*. Fotodiox has developed a new product, which they call the “Tough E-Mount” that replaces the wobble prone plastic/metal hybrid mount that came with your camera with a more solid all metal mount.


This especially goes out to those of you using the new A7 series (it’s worth noting that the A7s already has an all metal mount) of E-Mount full frame cameras. You are most likely going to be the ones using bigger and heavier lenses, and as such, you don’t want your lens mount letting your lenses wobble. The best part is, you can replace it yourself with just 4 simple screws – remove and replace, and you’re good to go.

I think that this is a genius product from Fotodiox. Not only does it fix an issue that users of Sony NEX and now E-Mount have complained about for a long time, but it does so inexpensively as well. This new “Tough E-Mount” will only run you $39, and is now available on Amazon.



It goes without saying, if you do decide to upgrade your mount, make sure to hold onto your original metal/plastic pieces, so if you ever have to send your body into service from Sony you can put the original mount back on and avoid any possible warranty issues. Also, be very careful not to drop the screws onto your sensor.

With a little care and about 5 minutes, you can significantly improve the durability of your e-mount camera. Surely, anyone experiencing lens wobble or wiggle will be looking forward to this. You can learn more about the Tough E-Mount over on the Fotodiox website.


What are your thoughts about this new product from Fotodiox? Would you upgrade the mount on your camera if given the option? Leave a comment below!