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20 May 2024

Extended Demographics

Here is more information on our audience at slrlounge.com to assist our advertisers and sponsors with their marketing decisions.  Please note that there are significant differences with our social audiences such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The following was last updated on 2/2/2020





Top Countries

1. United States – 43.52%
2. United Kingdom – 8.66%
3. Canada – 5.26%
4. India – 5.13%
5. Australia – 3.77%

6. Germany – 2.00%
7. Philippines – 1.96%
8. Indonesia – 1.35%
9. Singapore – 1.26%
10. France – 1.24%

User Personas

Our user personas are based on real-life community members on slrlounge.com.  When creating our courses, writing our videos, and producing our content, we are doing so with these individuals in mind.

client persona

Wes – The Engineer with a Side Hustle

Wes is a college-educated professional with a regular 9-5 and a passion for photography.  Besides photography, he enjoys tinkering with electronics, going to concerts, and traveling with his Fiancé.  On their travels, Wes brings his “lighter” mirrorless camera and his drone.

He is considering a transition into Full Time Professional Photography.

Basic Info

  • Age: 32 Years Old
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Occupation: Civil Engineer
  • Genre: Headshot, Portrait and Travel Photography
  • Income: $60K Salary + $10K From Photography

Brands and Interests

  • Gear Brands: Sony, Magmod, Peak Design
  • Websites: Facebook, Gizmodo, Fstoppers
  • Excels At: Flash, Technical Knowledge
  • Struggles With: Posing Clients, Client Sales, High Level Creativity
user persona

Carla – The Freelance Photographer

Carla is a professional photographer early on in her career.  While she has her own photography brand, she derives a large part of her income from shooting for other studios and does not own or rent her own space.  She considers herself fashionable, punctual and detail-oriented.

Basic Info

  • Age: 30 Years Old
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Occupation: Full Time Photographer
  • Genres: Family and Wedding
  • Income: $40K USD

Brands and Interests

  • Gear Brands: Canon, Godox, Shootsac
  • Websites/apps: Instagram, NPR, Poshmark
  • Described As: Creative, Fun, Active, Detail-Oriented
  • Excels with: Client Communication, Posing, Being Likeable
  • Struggles With: Flash, Technical Issues

Jason – The Full Time Professional Photographer

Jason is a full time professional photographer.  He owns his own wedding photography studio and shares a space with other wedding vendors.  He’s married with one baby boy and spends most of his time managing his business and spending time with his family.

Basic Info

  • Age: 38 Years Old
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Occupation: Full Time Photographer
  • Photo Genres: Portrait, Wedding and Family
  • Income: $80K USD

Brands and Interests

  • Gear Brands: Canon, Profoto, Manfrotto
  • Websites/apps: Facebook, Yahoo, ESPN
  • Described As: Creative, Successful, Family Oriented
  • Excels with: Creativity, Flash and Posing
  • Struggles With: Growing his Brand, Work-Life Balance