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18 Jun 2024

Article Suggestions and Feature Requests

If you have an article suggestion or a feature request, the first step is to determine the category of your idea.

Article Feature

Article features are reserved for topics that affect a large percentage of the photography community, educate the community or impact the industry in a game-changing way. These include major product releases or updates, unique photo projects, in-depth educational pieces, and interesting opinion pieces.

Please email your article suggestion or feature request to media@slrlounge.com

Please include the following in your email:

  • A link to the product or project
  • A description of why this matters to the industry
  • Links to coverage from other publications (if available)
  • Links to any reviews or raves (if available)
  • All relevant Images

Sponsored Content

If your topic does not meet the above criteria for an article feature, you may want to consider a sponsored post.  These include product releases or updates that do not affect the majority of photographers, such as niche software updates or bag, tripod and photo accessory announcements. These also include promotional and marketing campaigns, such as giveaways, photo contests, sales/discounts, lead magnets and more.

View our advertising options here.

Cross Promotion

Cross Promotions are mutually beneficial marketing campaigns.  To discuss these ideas, please provide a detailed explanation of your idea that includes the primary purpose of the campaign, your overall goals and how you feel it would benefit our company. Send that email to chris@slrlounge.com.