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Article Suggestions and Feature Requests

If you have an article suggestion or a feature request, the first step is to determine the category of your idea.

Article Feature

Article features are reserved for big, game-changing ideas, product releases or photo projects that challenge the status quo, affect a large number of photographers, and/or impact the industry in a significant way.

Please email your article suggestion or feature request to our Editor in Chief, Kishore Sawh at

Please include the following in your email:

  • A link to the product or project
  • A description of why this matters to the industry
  • Links to coverage from other publications (if available)
  • Links to any reviews or raves (if available)
  • All relevant Images


The majority of requests we receive fit within this category.  These include most product releases, most feature releases, and promotions of your giveaways, photo contests and sales.

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Cross Promotion

Cross Promotions are mutually beneficial marketing campaigns.  To discuss these ideas, please provide a detailed explanation of your idea that includes the primary purpose of the campaign, your overall goals and how you feel it would benefit our company. Send that email to