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Photographing the Groom | Wedding Workshop 2

authentic & creative groom portraits

  • Wedding Workshop 2 of 8  (See 8 Part System)
  • A Must-Watch For Any Second Shooter
  • Learn to Capture Remarkable Groom & Groomsmen Portraits
  • 9.5 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • Comprehensive PDF Slides
  • RAW Exercise Files
  • Total File Size: 18GB

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Start the Wedding Day Off Right

Learn all the fundamentals of capturing amazing Groom Prep photos

In the second installment of the Wedding Workshop series, we continue our mission in helping you create consistently incredible images for your clients. This course will teach you how to create flattering groom’s portraits and capture journalistic moments during Groom Prep. The training we go through will provide lead and second shooters with the education necessary to be prepared for any scene and situation.

Posing Cues for Him

Get an unlimited variety of poses as you go through our foundation posing framework.

Learn a systematic approach to posing your Groom so you'll never have to worry about running out of poses. See how you can set up your groom and pose him in a multitude of settings.

Make the Most Out of
Each Scene

Learn to make even the most undesirable scene work for you! Get tips that will help revamp your problem-solving process so no Groom Prep will be too difficult.

Enhance your photos using
basic lighting setups & modifiers

Light scenes with highly affordable, portable lights and setups for remarkable Groom's and Groomsmen portraits

Perfect your Groom & Groomsmen Photos

Elicit Genuine Emotions & Photojournalistic Moments

Capture the natural dynamic of your groom and his groomsmen without sacrificing the quality of your image. Discover how you can set up clean and creative shots for groups and what verbal cues you can keep in your back pocket to get great reactions from your subjects.

Post-Producing for an Amazing End Product

Follow along with the included RAW exercise files to practice how you can get professional-looking final images of your Groom and Groomsmen. Learn to edit for every scene of the day and refine your images with tips on retouching, dramatic and creative edits, and more!

If you’re looking for a workshop that discusses all the nitty gritty details of booking your client and establishing a strong relationship even before the wedding day, be sure to check out the first portion in our Wedding Workshop series, Communication, Panning, and Ecstatically Happy Clients (

Chapter One

  • Introduction to Photographing the Groom
  • What Is This Course About?
  • Our Three Favorite Lenses for Photographing the Groom
  • Honorable Lens Mentions
  • Creative Accessories for Your Photography Toolkit
  • Light Modifiers and Accessories
  • Specialty Lighting Tool for Your Kit
  • Second Shooters Gear Guide for Photographing the Groom
  • 8 Tips for Prepping to Photograph the Groom

Chapter Two

  • Introduction to Groom Posing
  • Standing Pose Demo
  • Sitting Pose Demo

Chapter Three

  • Location Scouting for Natural Light Groom Portraits
  • Understanding How to Control Natural Light for Groom Portraits
  • Solving Lighting & Composition Issues On the Spot
  • Posing Tips for Seated Portraits

Chapter Four

  • Introduction to Shooting The Details
  • Shooting the Details Pt.1
  • Shooting the Details Pt. 2

Chapter Five

  • Introduction to Photographing Groom Prep
  • Off-Camera Flash Lighting for Groom Shower & Shave Portraits
  • Photographing the Groom Getting Ready
  • Photographing the Groom Opening a Gift
  • Photographing the Groomsmen Getting Ready
  • Photographing Groomsmen Gift Exchange

Chapter Six

  • Introduction to Shooting Dramatic Groom & Groomsmen Portraits
  • Location Scouting & Scene Analysis for Dramatic Indoor Portraits
  • Dramatic Groomsmen Portraits – Bar Scene

Chapter Seven

  • Introduction to Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Photos
  • Outdoor Groom Photos – Scouting & Scene Analysis
  • Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Portraits – Valet Driveway
  • Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Portraits – Walking Shots
  • Outdoor Groom & Groomsmen Individual Portraits

Chapter Eight

  • Case Study #1 – B&W Is Your Last Resort
  • Case Study #2 – Mixing Light Temperatures
  • Case Study #3 – Warm Kicker/Rim Light for Added Interest
  • Case Study #4 – Water Your Lenses & Angles
  • Case Study #5 – Got Junk? Light It?
  • Case Study #6 – Use Creative Accessories to Conceal
  • Case Study #7 – Incorporate Family & Friends Into Groom Prep
  • Case Study #8 – Positioning Hands
  • Case Study #9 – Focus on Photojournalism

Chapter Nine

  • Image Critique

Chapter Ten

  • PhotoMechanic Culling Workflow
  • Lightroom Keyword for Organization
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom Details
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom Prep
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom and Groomsmen Prep
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Groom Portraits
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Groomsmen Group Portraits
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Journalistic Shots
  • Lightroom Post-Processing for Journalistic Shots Pt. 2
  • Fine-Tuning Lightroom Culling
  • Simple Photoshop Retouching
  • Black & White Virtual Copies in Lightroom
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