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Photographing the Bride | Wedding Workshop 3

master authentic & creative bride portraiture

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  • Wedding Workshop 3 of 8  (See 8 Part System)
  • Must-watch For Any Lead Shooter
  • Master Flattering and Unique Posing 
  • Understand The Best Lighting Set-ups for Bridal Portraiture
  • 14.5 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • Total File Size: 26 GB



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Start the Wedding day off right

Learn all the fundamentals of capturing amazing Bride Prep photos

In the third installment of the Wedding Workshop series, we continue our mission in helping you create consistently incredible images for your clients. This course will teach you how to create flattering bridal portraits and capture journalistic moments during Bride Prep. The training we go through will provide lead shooters with the education necessary to be prepared for any scene and situation.

 Unique, Editorial bridal poses

 Whether it be Editorial or Standard portraiture, we start from the ground up with our foundation posing framework and then teach you how to get a variety of poses through micro-adjustments

Easy & Creative Lighting techniques 

Create incredible Bride & Bridesmaid portraits with simple, highly affordable lighting tools and modifiers 

Learn to make even the most undesirable scene work for you by shooting with creative accessories and finding the perfect angle to frame your subjects. Understand composition in a cinematic way by starting out wide and working your way into the scene. 

Candid reactions & Photo-journalistic moments

Be a Director first and then a Photographer - easily direct your subjects to produce candid, story-telling imagery 

efficient Post-production tips & tricks 

We cover all the bases of editing - from culling in Lightroom to Photoshopping flyaway hairs


  • Introduction to Photographing the Bride
  • General Goals When Photographing The Bride & Bridesmaids
  • Our Three Favorite Lenses For Bridal Portraits/Prep
  • Three More Honorable Lens Mentions For Bridal Portraits/Prep
  • Our Favorite Creative Shooting Accessories When Photographing The Bride
  • Must Have Lighting & Gear Guide for Bridal Portraits & Prep
  • Specialty Lighting Gear For Lead Shooters
  • Our Second And Lead Shooter Gear Guide
  • 8 Tips for Prepping to Photograph the Bride
  • The Complete Bride & Bridesmaid Shot List


  • 10 TIps on Photographing The Bride's Details - Must Have & More
  • Two More Tips for Photographing Bridal Details
  • Photographing the Bride's Details | Live Shoot
  • Photographing the Bride's Details - High Key Lighting 
  • Photographing the Bride's Dress


  • 7 Tips for Bridal Makeup Photos
  • Setting Up The Scene & Determining Your Lighting Setup
  • Bride Prep Photos - Classic Style
  • Bride Prep Photos - Artistic Style (Using OCF & Hairspray)
  • Bride Prep Photos - Artistic Style (Using Reflections)
  • Post Bridal Makeup Photos - Robe Portraits 


  • Bride Posing Guide
  • Standing Posing Demo for Bride/Women
  • Sitting Posing Demo for Bride/Women
  • Case Study: 3-Point Check from Roberto Valenzuela


  • Must-Have Bridal Portraits
  • Full Length Bridal Portraits
  • Medium Length Bridal Portraits
  • Journalistic, Environmental Bridal Portraits
  • Photographing the Bride with her Veil
  • Standard Bridal Portraits
  • Beauty Bridal Portraits
  • Sitting Bridal Portraits
  • Outdoor Beach Golden Hour Bridal Portraits


  • Bride & Bridal Party Getting Ready Photos
  • Stepping Into The Dress
  • Bridal Party Portraits
  • Putting on the Shoes
  • Writing of the Vows/Card
  • Opening the Groom's Gift
  • Bridal Party Toasts and Gifts
  • Post Bridal Party Scene Analysis


  • Bridal Party Portraits
  • Must-Have Bridal Party Portraits
  • Couture/Editorial Bridal Party Portraits
  • Intro to Outdoor Bridal Party Portraits
  • Outdoor Golden Hour Bridal Party Portraits
  • Outdoor Golden Hour Bridal Portraits 
  • Outdoor Beach Golden Hour - Post Scene Analysis


  • Case Study #1 – Bad Prep Room? Avoid It!
  • Case Study #2 – Bad Prep Room? Light It & Tight It!
  • Case Study #3 – Find a Better Angle or Crop In
  • Case Study #4 – Use Every Minute, Even If It's Just One
  • Case Study #5 – Six Reasons Why We Love Editorial Portraits 
  • Case Study #6 – Poses & Lighting Will Be Your Savior 
  • Case Study #7 – Be Culturally Cognizant 


  • Image Critique


  • Introduction to Bride Prep Post-Production
  • Keywording Your Wedding Catalog in Lightroom
  • Culling in Lightroom Pt. 1
  • Culling in Lightroom Pt. 2
  • Culling in Lightroom Pt. 3
  • Culling in Lightroom Pt. 4
  • Creating Signature Presets for Indoor Scenes
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - The Details
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Bride Prep
  • Ninja Attack Interlude
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Bridal Portraits
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Gift Exchange
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Champagne Toasts
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Bridal Party Gifts
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Getting Ready
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Bridal Party Portraits
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Editorial Bridal Party Portraits
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Beach Bridal Party
  • Creating Signature Preset for Outdoor Scenes
  • Lightroom RAW Processing I - Beach Bridal Portraits 
  • Photoshop for Bride Prep - Flyaway Hairs
  • Photoshop - The Reflection Shot
  • Lightroom Enhancing & Retouching for Bridal Portraits 
  • Lightroom & Photoshop - Removing Unwanted BG Elements 
  • Photoshop Hair and Flyaway Retouching
  • Photoshop Enlargement Sharpening 
  • Lightroom HSL Adjustment 
  • Photoshop Liquify
  • Content Aware Retouching in Photoshop
  • Black and White Edits in Lightroom
  • Full Photoshop Retouch 
Nrimarriage bureau
August 4, 2018

Tracy Waterman
April 5, 2017

The amount of information in this video is incredible. Pye has a great way of breaking complicated topics down into easy-to-get, simple steps. I've already applied many of the things to my current photography and I've seen a world of difference. Excited to watch the rest of the wedding series.
Benjamin Davidson
February 13, 2017

This is one portion of a wedding day where things can be forgotten easily, both by detail or by time. This tutorial has been helpful for me at this stage of my photography, particularly in how to get the bride and her bridesmaids efficiently posed and photographed. Of course with the amount of material presented here, as through the entire site, you need to be able to dedicate the time to watch everything thoroughly - I find myself often taking notes on technique with this one, and how to adapt patterns in my workflow better through this tutorial. This one I purchased separate from the subscription program on this site, but do to how expertly and professionally these are produced, I'll be adding the subscription program to my annual training plan. Great job here, and to SLRLounge keep up the great work.
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