Photographing The Ceremony

This Is Your Ultimate Guide For Being Prepared On The Wedding Day 

Wedding ceremonies often take place during a 20-30 minute window of time leaving you with a limited time to capture moments as they unfold. This comprehensive workshop will provide you with tools necessary to master creative imagery under constraints/limitations.


Be At The Right Place, At The Right Time

Photographing the Ceremony is all about helping you to never miss another moment by understanding how to direct and manage your wedding team, while understanding the nuances of common wedding cultures and ceremonies. Our goal has always been to help you create consistently amazing imagery that tells the story in a photojournalistic and artistic way.

Team Lens Synergy

It is highly important to be aware of the focal length choices that your fellow shooters are using to capture the action. If the lead is shooting down the aisle on a wide angle lens, the second shooter should be shooting the ceremony with a tighter focal length, such as a 70-200mm lens. We cover what gear the lead, second, and third should have on hand during this portion of the wedding day so that everyone is well equipped to never miss a moment.

Shooter Positioning & Movement

In the simplest terms, all shooters rely on the lead to be the most dependable shooter when it comes to capturing the most important moments and tell the strongest story. However, it is up to the entire team to add supporting details and cover positions when the lead is occupied or wants to try out new and artistic shots. We’ll show you how to best position your team for optimal success and strong storytelling imagery.

Learn All About 6 Common Cultural Wedding Ceremonies

With this solid foundation of information you can anticipate and create artistic story driven wedding photographs that honor the respective religions, traditions, and cultures of your clients.

Never Miss A Wedding Moment

By using the appropriate gear we teach how to be exactly where you need to be when the action by running you through a mock ceremony set-up and pausing to focus on positioning, lens choice, and camera angle.

The Right Lens For The Right Scene

Although there is no “correct” lens choice for a particular moment, we recommend several pieces of gear that will assist in covering the wedding ceremony. We strive to be non-invasive documentarians, pushing for photojournalistic imagery that still asserts strong creative and technical skill.

Master Creative Imagery Under Limitations

Even with a short and limited time you can create exceptional imagery by understanding the capacity of your gear. In addition to recommending specific lenses, we give you our favorite special effects and inexpensive creative accessories that helped us achieve unique, award winning imagery.



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