Lightroom 5 Workshop Collection

Complete Lightroom Education & Presets

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  • Organization & Workflow - 5.5 GB
  • Image Processing Mastery - 4.9 GB
  • Lightroom Presets CC v1.1 - 586 KB
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Let SLR Lounge guide you in your photography journey with the best photography education and resources. Browse our complete, comprehensive solutions and take the next step in your photography.

The Complete Lightroom 5 Tutorials, Presets, and Organization Workshop

Welcome to the Lightroom 5 Complete Workshop Collection. With this set, you will receive the following DVDs:

1. Lightroom 5 Organization and Workflow v5
2. Lightroom 5 Image Processing Mastery v5
3. Lightroom Presets CC (Digital Only)

With hours of comprehensive education along with the most powerful Lightroom Presets available, the Lightroom 5 Workshop Collection contains all of the education and tools needed for any photographer (of any experience level) to run a full studio using Lightroom.

DVD 1 Lightroom 5 Organization and Workflow – This DVD teaches you the basics of image management and shows you how to process your images faster and more efficiently. (Click here for more info)

This first workshop in the collection is designed to give photographers a ground up foundation in the Lightroom catalog system, image management and organization, Lightroom customization and much more. In addition, this workshop provides photographers with a complete post production workflow system that is customizable to a photographer’s workflow given their specific needs and preferences.


DVD 2 – Lightroom 5 Image Processing Mastery– This DVD teaches you how to master image processing in Lightroom, from basics like color correction and black and white conversion to advanced techniques like HDR, tilt-shift, and vintage fades. (Click Here for More Info)

With over 10 hours of hands-on image processing instruction within the Lightroom Develop Module, after completing this workshop, you will be able to post process and fix common image issues as well as create virtually any type of advanced image processing effect. This workshop is designed to help photographers truly master basic to advanced post production techniques.

DVD 3 – Lightroom Presets CC
 – This has been widely recognized as the best preset system for Lightroom. Intuitive yet robust, this allows you to achieve amazing results in just a few clicks. (Click Here for More Info)

The Lightroom Presets CC has: 1) Improved Developing Workflow, 2) New Color & B&W Toning Sections, 3) Refined Presets, and much more

Industry Raves for Lightroom Presets and Workshop

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  1. Mark Iuzzolino

    I recently purchased Version 6 Lightroom presets. Is this workshop and presets duplication of Version 6 presets?

  2. Wendell Fernandes

    Awesome product. Love it!

  3. David Nissen

    The presets are terrific. The LR presets effectively implement PS “actions”.The “brush presets are very useful.

  4. Russ Wittmann

    Amazing Tutorial. Well organised, and very comprehensive.

  5. Greg Faulkner

    Well organised, comprehensive collection of tutorials thats easy to drop into and view just what you need because of the great index and short sections

  6. Dick Raymond

    Lightroom 5 is my “Go To” editing software!

  7. Ruben Perez

    I bought this preset collection to open my eyes to the possibilities of using presets to quickly achieve the looks I was wanting for my photos. I researched several collections and this one seemed to stand out from the rest. Its a great value! I especially like the structure and organization of the presets. The predefined presets are effective in almost any photography scenario and I find that I can create great looking photos using the presets w/out having to adjust the sliders very often. Thanks for putting this collection together.

  8. Justin Lin

    Our studio shoots over 300 weddings a year here at Lin and Jirsa and these are the presets we use to cull and process over 1.5 million images a year. We needed something that was efficient yet powerful enough to achieve a timeless look.

  9. Alex Santiago

    At first I was skeptical of purchasing this Workshop thinking that I can get the information by other means (youtube, etc). I can honestly say that I was wrong. My wife convinced me to purchase this workshop stating that I can go to a live workshop and learn the same thing (usually at a higher price in some instances) or I could have this and go over it multiple times when needed as a refresher. Once I started to go through the first set of videos, I soon realized that it was worth every penny. My workflow began to improve, my file management became more efficient, and navigating through Lightroom became more comfortable.

    I can recommend this Workshop to any photographer starting to work with Lightroom. It will make your photography post processing experience smoother. It takes away that initial learning curve fear and makes it an enjoyable learning experience. The topics were broken down to each feature/tool within Lightroom and recommendations. Learning how to create presets for importing, metadata, developing, and exporting was explained and demonstrated very well.

    Post-Production Pye is an awesome instructor. He kept all of the topics and videos straight to the point and no fluff. I would not hesitate to take a course or purchase another workshop if he is the instructor. Thank you SLR Lounge for creating this wonderful workshop package.

  10. Manuel

    Buenos dias, estoy interesado en comprarlo, pero quisiera saber si tambien esta el curso en español-castellano, .

  11. Shannon

    If you own Lightroom, you need this program! I really like the short, topical videos. I can go right to a video on a subject that I want to master. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for purchasing this series. My post processing is able to become much quicker and more professional.

  12. Kerry W

    I am in the midst of starting out in business and I am so glad I purchased this collection. With all the other skills I have to learn, this is by far the most crucial in my business and taking the time now to set up organisational workflow and putting in processes in place before I start to get busy is going to streamline my business and allow me to work more efficiently. The info is so comprehensive and it’s blown me away in both OAW and post editing skills. I love it! It’s going to save time and money, and not to mention give me the edge in creativity and image control.

  13. Noaman Khan

    Pye, Wonderful job yet again. Really like what you guys have done with Presets and explanation is awesome with examples. Learning Lightroom using this course is addictive. Thank you very much.

  14. Max Zbarskiy (via Amazon)

    The LR Tutorial videos are great for learning all the ins and outs of Lightroom. All of the features and LR sliders are explained with clear examples and reasons behind using each slider. The LR Workflow videos do a great job at explaining the benefits of different approaches to post processing images. Several of the videos walk through real photo shoots and explanations are given for what constitutes a good or a bad image. The LR Workflow system covers image culling, basic processing, advanced image processing and LR tips and optimizations. Finally, the LR Preset System ties everything together you learn from the LR Tutorial and Workflow videos by providing a huge set of predefined presets that optimize and speed up the workflow.

  15. Marine Mom (via Amazon)

    I bought this direct from SLR Lounge. Download and installing the presets was a breeze. The tutorials are amazing and really jump started me into full and exclusive use of Lightroom 4. I used Aperture for years but after hearing so many of my fellow photographers rave about Lightroom, I decided to give it a go. At first I was wondering what all the excitement was about, but after finding SLR Lounge and their presets and complete workshop bundle, I was hooked. I even removed Aperture from my desktop dock.

    The customer service at SLR Lounge couldn’t be better. I qualified for the free upgrade to the brand new release of the presets and can’t wait to try them out.

    If you have been thinking about this purchase, do it. You will be glad you did and so will the viewers of you images.

  16. Dcro850 (via Amazon)

    This preset system redefined my typical workflow in LR; cut my PP time in half just about. The system is well organized and gives professional results. I would recommend this preset system as a way to get the most out of Lightroom in the least amount of time.

  17. Fabio Viero (via Amazon)

    SRL Lounge did a great job putting together all tools a photographer, both pro and amateur, need to enhance its photographs. It makes workflow easier and faster with outstanding results. I removed all my previous presets and now i’m only using this preset system. It is a must have!!

  18. David1943 (via Amazon)

    Very easy to follow and most importantly the results !! Couldn’t be better. Great opportunity to experiment with different combinations that can express all sorts of artistic ideas . I was also able to get the shots to look exactly the way I saw the subject . You won’t be disappointed !!

  19. nEo (via Amazon)

    This is a must have workshop for any level of photographer. You can benefit from this in so many aspects! For the beginner, this will help you learn everything you need to know about Lightroom. And for the advanced, there is information in this workshop that will guarantee help you speed up your workflow ten folds! Even if you have a workflow down, there are so many different tweaks that could be done to your photos, it’ll save you hours of time and take the guess work out of creating your own presets. In regards to the presets included in this workshop, everything is labeled exactly how you need it. No more guessing what effect a preset will have over a photo like other preset systems out there with crazy names. Everything is labeled to the effect you wish to apply to your image. The best part about the preset system is you can get the look you wanted for your vision in a few clicks without having to spend minutes if not hours tweaking each slider and guess. Don’t worry about the price. The things you will learn and the time you will save will return to you TEN FOLDS! In time and money. Get this!

  20. jeffho (via Amazon)

    I’m an amateur photographer or hobbyist, hoping to parlay my photo-skills in a second career someday. I haven’t had a chance to delve into the details (the “real-life duties always seem to get in the way!!), but from what I’ve used and noticed, this is one AWESOME tool for anyone wanting to learn/use Lightroom. I’m always looking to do MORE with my photography (note to self – TAKE MORE “ME” TIME!!) and this helps simplify the tasks and time to do so. Oh and btw, I usually immediately unsubscribe to all the non-stop emails from companies that I purchase from, but I actually LOOK FORWARD to getting those from SLR Lounge. I always find something exciting, interesting or educational in them. Good stuff!!

  21. Mike Ragusa (via Amazon)

    This is by far the best preset system. I have brought countless presets but none can compare to SLR lounge. Saves a ton of time.
    Perfect images every time. very easy to install and use.

  22. Stephen Lodziak (via Amazon)

    I have been an Aperture (Mac software) user for three years and was more than happy with it. However, with a lack of an update and most people now using or moving onto Lightroom (with excellent results) I knew I was going to have to make the plunge. The problem was I really liked Aperture for the simplicity of the user experience; Lightroom had too many options (several ways of doing same thing) which acted as an entry barrier for me. It just looked too difficult.
    I came on SLR Lounge by chance (I saw an interview between Pye Jirsa and RL Morris) and was impressed by the claim that this set of DVDs would help me master Lightroom. Pye comes across as very credible even before you do his tutorials.
    So I spent the money and can honestly say (after going through the A-Z and Workflow DVDs) that I have become a competent user of Lightroom 4. I think the reason it worked so well for me is the repetitive nature of the tutorials. If you have the set up of running the tutorials on one monitor and Lightroom on another then you can actually do the tasks as Pye is talking you through them (in fact I wouldn’t recommend you simply watch these DVDs without being able to practice at the same time – it would just be dull). The repetitive nature of moving between Library and Develop mode, working your way down from the basic panel, using keyboard shortcuts etc means that after 200 tutorials it is almost impossible for you not to be competent.
    Pye is a great teacher. He is smart, incisive but doesn’t mind letting his guard down with goofy comments or using imperfect shots as practice images. He does an excellent job of keeping the pace, explaining his rationale (for the way he uses Lightroom and the way he takes/chooses shots) and he somehow manages to make me feel good even though he is congratulating me for copying his own edits (and he can’t even see my work!! “great job, guys”)
    So Aperture has been consigned to the past and I am using Lightroom proficiently (better that I was using Aperture – in fact probably better than most people are using Lightroom) and happily.
    Thanks SLR Lounge – I thoroughly recommend this product.

  23. R. Erickson (via Amazon)

    I don’t recall how I came across this product – I think it was after watching a few tutorials on Youtube. I went to the site looking to buy just the presets. After looking around a bit I decided on the entire Workshop. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    I’ve owned LR for several years and understood the basics of managing my photos, doing basic edits, etc. This product is taking my knowledge to a whole new level. The way I see it the Workshop serves 3 purposes.

    1) Education: The A-to-Z video tutorials (and supporting media) walk you through the entire Lightroom product. They are professionally done and each lesson is the appropriate length (too short and the point wouldn’t be made, too long and you would get bored). I’m about halfway through the lessons and must say my Lightroom IQ has gone up considerably. If you are a seasoned LR user you may want to skip these. For the rest of us they provide huge value.

    2) Presets: Where the rubber hits the road – This is why I initially bought the product. They can (and do) save so much time in processing with superb results. Again, if you are a seasoned photo editor and understand the impact of each and every slider you can move on. Lightroom provides the ability for anyone to create a preset. What this brings is a lot of proven knowledge in manipulating images with a very logical workflow. Even if I did have a solid understanding of LRs complete ‘develop’ methods this product would be a steal at that price. It takes time to set these up and prove them out. How much is your time worth?

    3) Workflow: I haven’t gotten this far in the product yet so I can’t comment based on experience. However, based on the other components and what I’ve read on the SLRLounge site I’m sure it won’t disappoint. I’m not a professional (yet) and don’t have the need to process 100s or 1000s of images is a very short timeframe for $s. However, I’m sure anything I learn from this will save me time and at least add some consistency to my workflow (a dire need).

    I would say the only Con i’ve seen from this product is the manual installation approach to the download/installation. If you buy the DVD product it may auto-install (I can’t speak to that). The process is by no means difficult, but it would be nice to have an installer. Overall this is a great product and has eliminated my intimidation to using Lightroom. A side benefit is they upgrade the product for free when Lightroom 5 hits the streets (if bought after a certain date of course).

  24. Kirsten A. Reynolds (via Amazon)

    I’ve been using iPhoto to organize and Photoshop to edit my pictures for years and didn’t think I needed Lightroom. My husband got me Lightroom and the Lightroom 4 Complete Workshop for Christmas. I’m a dive-in-and-figure-it-out type of person but I was so grateful for the Workshop DVD’s. Pye walks you through every single aspect of Lightroom and I pick up new details when re-watching the DVD’s. Because of Pye, the Presets and the tutorial DVD’s, I’ve taken my photography to the next level.

    I would recommend this Complete Workshop to anyone using Lightroom, expert or novice.

  25. Olivia (via Amazon)

    This workshop teaches you everything you need to know about Lightroom 4! I knew absolutely NOTHING about Lightroom at all, but after going through this workshop, I now enjoy editing my own personal photos. In each video, Pye explains everything very clearly and thoroughly, which was extremely helpful for someone who had no experience with Lightroom whatsoever. If you are a beginner like me, I would highly recommend watching the A-Z DVD first. Once you have a grasp on the basics of Lightroom, everything that Pye teaches in the other DVDs will really start to come together since you will have a firm understanding of how things work in Lightroom. For those of you who are Lightroom experts, you may find some videos and information rather irrelevant. However, keep in mind that this workshop is designed so that someone with zero experience (like me) will completely understand the basics of Lightroom and eventually master it. With that being said, I do believe that this workshop can still be incredibly beneficial for advanced users as Pye goes over many different tips throughout the workshop that will surely save you a lot of time during post-production and speed up your workflow.

    For those of you who are looking to learn how to use Lightroom, let me assure you that this is an amazingly informative workshop and you will not be disappointed. If you are a more advanced user, I believe that this workshop offers important tips that you may very well adopt into your personal workflow. I highly encourage those who want to learn and/or improve their editing skills to purchase this!

  26. Harold Blair (via Amazon)

    This has to be the best video set for learning to effectively utilize Lightroom 4 going! The Preset System series is great for fast, effective, and efficient post processing (and also for creating you own presets). The Lightroom 4 A-Z series provides a step by step process for creating a great Lightroom catalog system (a much needed system for those who have thousands of digital photographs.) Finally, the Lightroom 4 Workflow System brings it all together.
    Being only an enthusiast photographs, I can just imagine how useful this series would be for the professional photographer!

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