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Introduction to the Organization and Workflow Workshop

The Organization and Workflow Workshop is the first part in the Lightroom Workshop Collection and it is the sequel to the popular SLR Lounge Lightroom Workflow System.

For Lightroom users, this first workshop in the collection is designed to give photographers a ground up foundation in the Lightroom catalog system, image management and organization, Lightroom customization and much more.

In addition, this 7.5 Hour workshop provides photographers with a complete post production workflow system that is customizable to a photographer’s workflow given their specific needs and preferences.

Chapter 1 & 2 – The Basics of Lightroom, Importing and Exporting

For those that are completely new to Lightroom, we start out in Chapter 1 and 2 with the basics of the Lightroom image management system, how to import images into Lightroom, edit in external editors such as Photoshop, and then export the files into finished formats.


Chapter 3 – Customizing the Lightroom Interface, Preferences, and Functionality

Once we have gotten you familiar with the Lightroom interface, in Chapter 3 we move into showing you how to customize Lightroom to make it your own. From customizing interface components like the Identity plate and Panel End Marks, to creating image watermarks and customizing interface functionality.


Chapter 4 – Key Library Features for Image Management and Organization

In Chapter 4, we dive deeper into Lightroom’s core organizational and management features. From utilizing Folders, Collections and Keywords to organize your images, to different methods of rating and culling your images.

We also show you just how powerful Lightroom can be in image organization when you pair keywords, attributes, and/or image metadata with Lightroom’s powerful filtering menu.

Chapter 5 – The Importance of Mastering an Efficient Workflow

After completing Chapter 4, users will have a strong foundation in Lightroom Library Module functionality. In Chapter 5, we will build upon this knowledge by showing you our entire Lightroom workflow.


Chapter 6 – Advanced Image Management Functionality

Beyond everything covered to this point, Lightroom also has additional advanced image management functionality. From tethered capture and automated import folders, to synchronizing different versions of the same catalog, Chapter 6 is designated for these advanced Lightroom catalog functions.

To see an entire listing of each video, please see the Table of Contents below.

The Inspiration and Background

To give you a bit of background, the Lightroom 5 Organization and Workflow Workshop (Digital Download) was developed by Post Production Pye (professional photographer, Lightroom and Photoshop expert) after he spent several years setting up the workflow system for Lin and Jirsa Photography, a wedding photography studio that now processes over 1,500,000 images per year.

While it is a part of photography that is often overlooked, Pye quickly realized the need for an efficient workflow as mere seconds saved per image equated to hours saved per week. From the moment of import, all the way through production, export and archival, it became crucial to optimize and document every step of the workflow.

Using this system, Pye can cull and post produce at the rate of nearly 1,500 images with just a mouse and keyboard, and up to 1,800 images per hour with simply a mouse, programmable keyboard, and the SLR Lounge Preset System.

The goal of Chapter 5 is not only to show you an efficient workflow system, but to also give you the tools and ability to customize that system to your own needs and preferences. For this reason, we have also included a customizable workflow checklist for your reference and customization.

Industry Raves for Lightroom Presets and Workshop

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  1. Deborah Parrish

    This was an excellent investment. I’ve used this over and over, sometimes re-viewing a video to dive a little deeper. It has changed how I process and decreased the time I spend with each shoot.

    Thank you!

  2. Frank Hoover (via Amazon)

    Once again, I am impressed with the quality of SLR Lounge products. This guide as easy to understand and helped my workflow even more than ever. I can’t wait to try out other SLR Products. What I found helpful was the break-down of step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how my post-production work should flow.

    The DVD had great audio and visual adds that help me absorb Lightroom 4. After applying these techniques, I have cut my post production time in 1/2.

    Thanks for a great product and I hope you find this review helpful.

  3. James Tran (via Amazon)

    Let me be frank. This DVD is not for the lazy or stubborn. It requires you to adopt a different outlook on post processing (and different habits), but if you follow it like I did, you will see results. I am post processing much much faster now. Besides just speed, I’ve learned a lot of useful things, like the best export settings for different formats and the best way to categorize and select images for processing. Overall, it’s made made me a better photographer; and anything that does this is worth it for professionals and amateurs.

  4. Thien Quoc Nguyen (via Amazon)

    As someone with a full time “real” job, I can’t dedicate more than nights and weekends to the hobby of photography. If you’re like me and your really into numbers, self-improvement, efficiency and productivity, you will really benefit from this course. Though it doesn’t have the most appealing subject matter to the masses (workflow), its a gem for photographers looking for more out of lightroom. As a side note, I’m on Lightroom 5 now and te exact same concepts apply, so you will still benefit.

  5. Chris

    This looks amazing… I wonder if computer speed plays a part in the speed of the culling and processing. I have an older computer and seem to run slow at processing the images.

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