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05 Jun 2023

Lightroom 5 Image Processing Mastery

Master Lightroom Processing

-21 Reviews
  • Your comprehensive guide to processing techniques for Lightroom 5
  • Over 10 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • RAW Exercise Files
  • Total File Size: 4.9GB
$49 Digital Download
$0 With Premium Membership (Streaming Only)


Let SLR Lounge guide you in your photography journey with the best photography education and resources. Browse our complete, comprehensive solutions and take the next step in your photography.

Introduction to the Image Processing Mastery Workshop (Digital Download)

We are very excited to announce the release of our Lightroom 5 Image Processing Mastery v5 Workshop (Digital Download). This Workshop is the sequel to the popular industry standard, Lightroom 4 A-Z Guide. Join post production pye as he guides you through comprehensive education on processing techniques for Lightroom 5.

With over 10 hours of hands on image processing instruction within the Lightroom Develop Module, after completing this workshop, you will be able to post process and fix common image issues as well as create virtually any type of advanced image processing effect. This workshop is designed to help photographers truly master basic to advanced post production techniques.

Because, this workshop focuses primarily on mastering post production techniques, if you are new to Lightroom, we highly recommend you first start with the Organization and Workflow Workshop which is the first Workshop in the Lightroom Workshop Collection.

Continue reading to learn more about what is included in the Image Processing Mastery Workshop (Digital Download). Physical Only via Amazon)

Chapter 1, 2 & 3 – Post Production & Local Adjustment Tool Basics

lightroom-presets-bestThe first three chapters of the Image Processing Workshop (Digital Download) are designed to help those that are new to Lightroom image processing fully grasp and understand each image processing component of the Develop Module.

To begin building your Lightroom foundation, we move through nearly 20 exercise images. Each of the images are designed to address a specific function of the the Develop Module Panels and Local Adjustment Tools in complete detail.

Chapter 4 – Develop Module Workflow Considerations

Once we hit Chapter 4, we take a brief breather from image processing and discuss the components of the Develop Module that are particularly useful from a workflow and development standpoint.


From creating presets to various methods of synchronizing image settings to our favorite Develop Module functions and shortcuts, we cover it all.

Chapter 5 – 30 Images, 30 Effects: Developing from Start to Finish

In Chapter 5, we take your Lightroom foundation to new heights as we work through 30 different images from start to finish in our tutorials.

We start out Chapter 5 by showing you how to fix common image problems such as harsh mid-day lighting, underexposed images, over exposures and flares.


We then move into creating panoramic images, creating a high contrast image that pops and boosting dynamic range to create beautiful, yet natural HDR imagery.


From landscapes, we move into developing and performing retouch on various types of portraiture on male and female subjects. From studio headshots to wedding photos, we demonstrate different techniques for processing and Lightroom based portrait retouch.

After portrait processing and retouch, we move into creating different types of stylized effects including bright and airy vintage fades, film simulation, creating mood shots, grungy street portraits, tilt-shift effects and much more!


All and all, we work through 30 images to demonstrate virtually every Lightroom processing technique in our tutorials. After completing this chapter, you should be able to create virtually any look and custom effect your heart could possibly desire!

Chapter 6 – A Brief Look at Lightroom’s Other Modules

While the vast majority of your time will probably be spent in the Library and Develop Modules, in Chapter 6 we spend a few moments to go through the Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web Modules.

Industry Raves for Lightroom Presets and Workshop

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What Others are Saying

Photographers around the world have been raving about SLR Lounge Educational Workshops. Check out what these major photography blogs and websites had to say:

Jaron Schneider of the FStoppers – “This is the best way I have seen to learn how to use Lightroom. Hands down, no contest. I could even go so far as to say that it is possibly the best instructional DVD for a software program I have ever watched.”

Udi Tirosh of DIY Photography – “It is the most complete video tutorial I’ve seen to date and although I’ve been using Lightroom since version 2, I got some golden nuggets from almost each episode.”


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  1. Peter Stout

    Great tutorial that goes over every possible adjustment you can make in Lightroom. I used to use presets (now I make my own) and make minor tweaks. I didn’t understand the full functionality of Lightroom. Pye is a great teacher and shows in this series multiple examples of how to use all the adjustments available in Lightroom. Am I an expert editor now? No. But, I am very knowledgeable in Lightroom adjustments.

  2. Jean-Philippe Thierry

    I was already doing quite a lot in LR; I am doing even more now :)

  3. Dick Raymond

    A MUST HAVE for anyone that is just starting to use or learn Adobe Lightroom!

  4. Harold Brohart

    Love it, such a wonderful time saver

  5. Danny G. (via Amazon)

    Pye, I hope I can meet you one day. Your YouTube videos have been awesome, and this DVD, absolutely incredible mate! I swear all I talk about all day with my photographer friends is SLR Lounge. Everytime they say, “I wish I could learn how to” I always end the sentence with SLR Lounge, haha! They probably can’t stand it, but whatever. Anyway, you did a fabulous job on this product my friend! Can’t wait for your next one. You keep pumping them out, and i’ll keep singing your praises!

  6. John H. (via Amazon)

    Before I bought this DVD I was relying on presets to get the effects that I wanted on my photographs. After watching the entire thing and completing all of the included exercise files, I have the knowledge to create virtually any effect I want right in Lightroom 4. For anyone serious about photography, this DVD is a must-have. Lightroom 4 out of the box is a great piece of software but it’s too easy to jump right into fiddling with the random adjustments without fully understanding the modules and how they all work. I’m happy to say that I’ve mastered Lightroom 4 after this DVD. Every brush, every module and every export setting.

    The only downside is that some parts of the DVD are a bit slow. It’s catered to professional AND amateurs so the parts that speak to the amateurs I would recommend fast forwarding through or skipping entirely. But this is understandable in my opinion so I still give is a raving 5 Stars! I’ve recommended it to all of my photographer friends.

  7. George Soules (via Amazon)

    I invested Friday and Saturday watching the videos (almost all of them). That’s A LOT of time, but it was worth it. I have been using Lightroom for about two years and so naturally I already knew much of what was covered, but that familiarity made it possible for me to recognize all the gems this DVD has to offer. Someone new to Lightroom would probably be overwhelmed on the first round learning basics and have to watch again to get the really good stuff – so in other words, the videos are definitely valuable for both beginners and experienced users.

    My only criticism, and it’s minor, is that the repeated reminders of which control keys to use to expand the various developer panels got old. Other than that, everything was just right – the pace, the amount of information, time spent on each topic, etc. Pye is an amazing narrator, and I was laughing out loud during the bonus round when Lightroom started misbehaving during video 10-04. By that time I felt like we were old friends.

    Okay, so what did I get for my $99 (bargain at 3 times that) and two days time? Well, on Sunday I had a marathon Lightroom session editing a recent shoot and the improvement in both my workflow and the quality of my results was significant. Easier, faster, better, more fun. That’s about as good as it gets. If only I could become that efficient in Photoshop.

    My partner is going to watch the series next. She is new to Lightroom and struggles with not knowing how to approach an image. She will not only learn how to use Lightroom, but get tons of important information about what makes a good photo and how to make it better.

    If you spend a lot of time using Lightroom, this series is well worth watching.

  8. Quinchlo7 (via Amazon)

    Was not sure I wanted to spend the money to purchase a tutorial, but certainly glad that I did! I now have a very good understanding of lightroom and all it has to offer, since the A-Z Tutorial guided me through the entire program. There is sooo much to learn about Lightroom, I never would have been able to teach myself everything I learned, nor would I have been able to efficiently use the program. Don’t waste your time trying to teach yourself…. Buy the A-Z Tuturial—It is worth every penny!

  9. Deborah Lee (via Amazon)

    This tutorial taught me everything i know about lightroom. Watching the tutorial videos and following along has made me proficient in lightroom 4. I’ve taken everything from this dvd and its made me into a very productive photo editor. It teaches you how to be a more effective worker and helps you to master all that lightroom 4 provides. The videos are all well put together and takes you step by step into creating a workflow, basic and advanced editing. If anyone is wanting to learn lightroom, this would be the dvd to get.

  10. Jack Dowell (via Amazon)

    Most informative tutorial that I have purchased. Everything presented was done in a clear and concise way. I would recommend this to anyone using Lightroom 4 or 5.

  11. David M. (via Amazon)

    I would consider myself already an semi advanced Light Room user. Nowhere to the level of Post Production Pie (haha, funny name!). But, decent none-the-less. I have followed slr Lounge for quite some time, and when they came out with this DVD my wife and I (who are both professional photographers) purchased it right away.

    My wife loved the whole Library and organizational-side of the DVD, though for me, I really was mostly interested in the developing and processing techniques. Let me just say that neither of us were let down. My wife is the boss lady :) of our entire process as far as image management and backup. She has told me countless times how much faster she is now that she understands Light room better. For me, I was blown away at how far Pie could push Light room to create amazing results from just average images (no offense, haha!). So many of the techniques he was using were things that I didn’t know about, or just things I thought had to be done in Photo Shop. Anyway, PPP is probably the best Light room educator hands down. Now if they would only offer in person workshops!

  12. DM (via Amazon)

    The lessons are presented in easy to digest “chapters” that are thorough and easy to follow. I’m transitioning from Aperture 3 to LR4 and this looks like it will be of great help.

  13. Aaron Erin (via Amazon)

    Even though this DVD is a little expensive, its still a great buy. Pie the instructor of this dvd series teaches a lot of great techniques in a very easy to understand, comprehensible and thorough way. I think the price is based on the fact that it contains so much information. Instead of breaking it into beginner, intermediate, and advanced, they combined it into one DVD and priced it as such.

  14. Brianne (via Amazon)

    I’m a huge fan of Lin and Jirsa Photography (the photography studio who created SLR Lounge and the people behind this DVD). I’ve followed their work for years now and they’re one of the most successful, creative, and skilled studios in southern Cali.

    Imagine this: a personal post production 14 hour workshop with a leading photography studio for only $99. Kind of a no brainer right? I learned everything I know about Lightroom from this DVD and it’s really helped me improve my post processing. My work looks better, my clients are happier, and my portfolio looks cleaner, sharper, and more diverse. Go for it! $99 is nothing for quality education.

  15. bob from byron (via Amazon)

    While I have taken several courses from adobe on Lightroom as well as the online tutorials I have found the Slr workshop to be the best.The depth of detail is second to none, I think every aspect of Lightroom was covered the tutorials are well presented every thing seemed to follow in a logical order.Most important for me is the whole workshop or any part I can go back and review

  16. Derek J Flores (via Amazon)

    I’ve watched Photoshop DVDs from Lynda, HDR DVDs from Kelby, and gotten a great amount of my education through self-learning. I would say that this SLR Lounge DVD is on par with the Lynda program as far as comprehensiveness of a subject. It covers everything, from simple effects to super artistic effects. I kind of felt like I was back in school and the instructor felt like a college professor. The files included felt like my homework. And the SLR Lounge community on their website, facebook and forums felt like my classmates. If you like comprehensive learning, this DVD is a big hit. If you’re going for surface level tips and tricks, you might be better off buying something else.

  17. Stacey Sean (via Amazon)

    I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t purchase this DVD because it says that it is 14 hours long!!!!! Seriously? 14 hours!! Fortunately, I decided to buy the DVD anyway. I have spent a lot of money on my photographic education, but the best value and best education I have ever received came from this beautiful little DVD. To my surprise, the DVD had a full menu system and step by step system that starts you out from nothing, and slowly builds you into a Lightroom GOD! Haha, well, goddess in my case ;)

    I found the pace to be a little quick in some places, but that isn’t really an issue since it is a DVD, I just watched it again! I am glad the pace wasn’t slower though, I know a lot of people want the pace to be slower, but if it were too slow we would all fall asleep.

    Anyway, seriously this was the best investment I have ever made in my education. For the price, the educational value and content on this DVD is an absolute steal. For those that may be concerned with the length, don’t worry, it is well organized and the menu system guides you through from start to finish at your own pace. You wont be disappointed!

  18. Wombat (via Amazon)

    This is a “must have” disc for a beginner and amateur photographer.
    It is very comprehensive and covers everything including the Identity Plate.
    There are 15 modules, covering the basic set-up to advanced processing and also includes a bonus of advanced techniques and also the Map, Book, Slideshow, Print & Web modules.
    Each module contains from two to nine chapters, easily understood and implemented.

    This disc is very easy to follow and will take you from beginner to professional in a very short space of time.

    The disc was originally purchased from “Amazon” but was found defective and was replaced by SLR Lounge.
    For those interested, SLR Lounge has it’s own web site, go to slrlounge.com where you will find much more regarding Lightroom and photography in general.

  19. James Liu (via Amazon)

    Lightroom is an intuitive software. So intuitive that it’s easy to think that you don’t need any tutorials or help learning it… and this is partly true. If you’re just trying to color correct an image, add an vignette, fix the exposure, or clone out a couple of dust spots, you can just open it right up and start working away with out the manual and without Lightroom tutorials.

    In fact, would not have ordered this Lightroom tutorial DVD if a friend didn’t highly recommended because I was stuck in that very mindset. But now that I have it, I can’t imagine using Lightroom without the tools, tips, and techniques that I learned. The most impressive lessons are the ones that teach you to mimic the looks that were previously only achievable in photoshop like HDR (high dynamic range) or Holga and Toy Camera looks and feels.

    The only downside is that it can be a little bit wordy, as the instructors like to talk and they make sure the tutorials are for beginners as well as professionals. So basically even if you think you are just looking to fix basic things like the things I mentioned in the first paragraph, it’s worth getting this DVD because it will open up your world to a whole new set of tips, tricks, techniques, looks, moods, feels and more. It’s even gone as far as refreshing my passion for trying new things in my photography and seeing what I can do with it after-the-shot in Lightroom.

  20. Frank Hoover (via Amazon)

    This is super comprehensive. To be fair, I already had a lot of experience with Lightroom 3. But this DVD added a few things to my arsenal of editing techniques. It also tightened up my workflow and opened my eyes to a few short cuts that I hadn’t been using. Lightroom 4 is very powerful tool for photographers (I myself am a wedding photographer) and this DVD goes into great detail to make sure every feature is covered. I used to do a lot of my photo editing in Photoshop, but now I basically use Lightroom for almost everything and this has cut down my editing time a lot (probably at least by half). They explain things in an easy-to-understand way and I was able to follow through the entire thing within a week or so. The exercise files really helped, as I was able to follow along and learn by doing (rather than just reading or listening or watching). Cheers to the SLR Lounge team. Great Product.

  21. Paddy Carroll

    Excellent content and very well explained and presented. Well done.
    Looking forward to the DVD itself coming out.

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