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Lightroom 101: Lightroom CC Crash Course

learn the basics of Lightroom

  • Get acquainted with all the fundamentals of Lightroom to begin creating amazing imagery in no time at all 
  • 10 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • 30 RAW Exercise Files
  • Total File Size: 17.2GB



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get Up and Running with Lightroom in Just a Few hours

Learn the fundamentals of RAW processing

Understand all of the

Jump right into learning about all the crucial features in Lightroom that will help you manage, cull, filter, and organize your work, giving you the most efficient workflow possible.


Follow along with our develop and processing tutorials and accompanying RAW files to get a fully immersive course on step-by-step image processing. Familiarize yourself all the essential tools and shortcuts to drive an efficient post-processing system. Get tips on the most optimal ways for organization and image management.

Mastering Lightroom & Beyond

Turn ordinary RAW files into extraordinary images in just a matter of clicks!

Master basic shortcuts to advanced editing tools

Not only will you know every Lightroom shortcut like the back of your hand, get acquainted with high-level techniques like:

  • Advanced Retouching
  • Creating Your Own Presets
  • Batch Processing
  • How to Process Video Files in Lightroom

Improve Your Workflow Outside of the Develop Module

Further enhance your Lightroom workflow with comprehensive videos that will guide you through topics like:

  • The Lightroom Catalog System
  • Data Safety Basics
  • Image Management
  • Getting your work entirely out of Lightroom and sent to print, email, and more!

Additional Lightroom Crash Course Images

Chapter One

  • Welcome and Intro
  • What’s Lightroom and Who Is It For?
  • Lightroom’s Three Primary Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The Seven Lightroom Modules, Their Purposes and Our Thoughts

Chapter Two

  • Creating A New LR Catalog
  • Importing in Three Simple Steps
  • Three Ways to Skin a Lightroom Cat
  • Library Module, It’s Five Purposes and Four View Modes

Chapter Three

  • Develop Module Intro
  • Working on Calibrated Displays
  • Understanding the Basics of Color Correction with the Basic Panel
  • RAW vs. JPEG Processing & Our First B&W
  • The Power of the Tone Curve
  • Advanced Color, HSL, B&W and Split Toning
  • Managing Detail and Noise
  • Landscape with Lens Correction and Effects
  • Camera Calibration and Filmic Adjustments
  • How to Remove Redeye
  • Advanced Retouch and Local Adjustments Part I
  • Advanced Retouch and Local Adjustments Part II
  • HDR Images
  • Panoramic Merge HDR
  • How to Create Presets
  • 5 Ways to Batch Process Your Images
  • Processing Video Files

Chapter Four

  • Photoshop and External Editing Options
  • How to Create an Image Watermark Preset
  • How to Rename Your Images
  • Understanding the Export Dialogue
  • Creating Three Common Export Presets
  • Using Lightroom’s Publish Services
  • How to Export Directly to Email
  • How to Import, Merge and Export Catalogs
  • Creating an Import Preset
  • Tethered Capture 

Chapter Five

  • 8 Key Points to Understand Lightroom's Catalog System
  • How to Fix Broken Image References
  • Three Recommended Catalog Workflows
  • Data Safety Basics
  • Pros and Cons of XMP Sidecar Files
  • Understanding Lightroom’s Preview System
  • Stacking and Why I’m Not A Fan
  • The Organizational Power of Keywording and Filtering
  • 10 Ways to Manage Images via Folders
  • Collections Can Be Quite Useful
  • The New Facial Recognition Tool
  • RAW vs. DNG

Chapter SIx

  • Customizing the Lightroom Interface
  • Lightroom’s Preferences
  • Lightroom’s Catalog Settings
  • Conclusion and What’s Next
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