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How to Book Photography Clients | Photography Business 401

master sales and closing Psychology

  • Master The Art of Selling (Without Being Sales-y)
  • Learn The Basics Of Sales Psychology 
  • Overcome Your Fears Of Selling 
  • 6 Step Sales Framework For Success
  • Book Clients Via Phone, Email, Or In-Person 
  • Runtime: 8h 35m
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Master The Art Of Sales & Booking

We all have this fear of sales because we think we will come off inorganic to our clients. But if it feels that way, that’s not sales, that’s manipulation. In this course, we will show you how sales is a value added service.

Myth: "I Need To Be Pushy & Outgoing To Book Clients"

Sales isn’t about selling something a client doesn’t want. Sales is designed to give your clients the exact photography product that they are already seeking! Learn universal sales and communication techniques and see how they are applied specifically to photography clients.

6 Steps To Perfecting The Sales Process

This is a sales framework that was developed over 100 years ago and remains to be one of the most successful ways to sell products, no matter what the industry. We've taken a proven process and perfected it with a few of our own added steps to help you relate and understand your clients in order to gain their trust. 

book clients Via Phone, E-mail, or In-Person

Regardless of where you are in your business, we'll provide you with a viable sales process that works for you and your ideal clientele.  

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How To Book Photography Clients | Photography Business 401

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Fundamentals + Human Psychology

01. Concrete vs. Flexible
02. Time To Get In The Ring
03. Your Worst Enemy
04. What Is Sales?
05. Simple Human Needs
06. Basic "Buyer" Psychology
07. Frame Control
08. Setting Anchors
09. Cognitive Dissonance

Sales As A Simple Step-By-Step Framework

01. Your First Failure
02. The Sales Process
03. Your Second Failure
04. Step 0: Building Rapport + Trust
05. Step 1: Identify The Need/Want
06. Step 2+3: The Solution
07. Step 4: Close, Make The Ask
08. Step 5: Follow Up, Resolve Concerns
09. Role Play > The Framework

Mastering The Phone

  • Ring Time, Part II
  • Timing Is Everything
  • Phone Objectives
  • How Phone Sales Differ
  • Body Language Still Matters
  • The Sing Song Voice
  • Desire, Scarcity + Urgency
  • Scripts + Role Playing

Fine Tuning Sales Skills

  • The Best Sales Person
  • Eight Reasons You Don't Close
  • Change Your Mindset/Frequency
  • Dual Process
  • It's Not About The Features
  • Always Positive, Always Affirming
  • The Second Money
  • Chumming The Price Waters
  • Forbidden Words
  • Objections + Q&A
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this course included in SLR Lounge Premium?

A: Yes, the entire Business Training System is included.