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Photographing Group Portraits | Wedding Workshop 7

Rethink your group wedding photos

  • Wedding Workshop 7 of 8
  • Classic & Editorial Poses in a Matter of Minutes 
  • Perfecting Lighting In Any Scene w/ Simple & Affordable Tools  
  • Directing & Commanding Attention w/ Large Groups
  • Mastering Camera Settings For Groups Of 10 & Up
  • 9 Hours of HD Video Instruction



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Stop Stressing & Start Impressing! 

 This workshop is designed to help you master every aspect of group portrait photography, from lighting to posing to communication with large groups - we've got you covered! Organizing & directing groups takes practice & patience, and we are here to guide you through it all!

Become The Most Memorable Vendor At Every Wedding

When asking wedding photographers in our community, they agreed that group portraits are often the most stressful part of the wedding day. Not only will we give you essential tips & tricks to get you through one of the most challenging aspects of wedding portraiture, but we will give you all the necessary tools to make a lasting impression & generate future leads!

Create Classic & Editorial Poses In A Matter of Minutes

We're here to debunk the myth that posing large groups of people takes a large sum of time. With our simple step-by-step guides for symmetrical and editorial posing you'll be able to picture-perfect poses in less than 10 minutes. We discuss the pros & cons of each style, give you helpful tips to get into these poses quickly, and things to watch out for that most photographers miss! 

Symmetrical Posing

Symmetrical posing is quick, relatively simple, and effective for safely capturing group portraits of all sizes.  While they get the job done, they are less interesting when compared to editorial posing and therefore may not get shared as as often on social media.

Editorial Posing

Editorial posing requires more time, attention-to-detail, and creativity.  When done right, they convey higher production value and more visual interest than symmetrical poses.  Editorial images will help you stand out amongst the crowd and will help bolster your marketing & social presence. 

Never Struggle with Camera or lighting settings ever again!

Not only do we equip you with a comprehensive gear guide for group portrait photography, but each photo example comes with in-depth BTS video footage of how we shot, lit, and posed our groups! That includes full EXIF data, gear used, & more.  

Lighting Diagrams & gear recommendations included!

Whether your budget is $ or $$$$, we've got the right light for you! The demonstrations in this workshop use everything from everyday speed lights to studio strobes, proving that better gear doesn't = creativity. When it comes to producing the power you need from lighting gear, there are several options to choose from to arrive at the same power output, but the cost of each option can vary greatly.

the perfect formula for communicating with groups

What is the one thing clients remember most about being photographed? The way they feel when being photographed often overrides the actual quality of the image.  Being able to relate to human beings and communicate your thoughts in an authoritative yet kind manner will get you much further than knowing how to take a technically sound photograph. 

direct Each individual

Put down your camera and start directing! This is a concept we've mentioned in our prior Wedding Workshops and it is even more important when working with more subjects. This includes demonstrating posing whenever applicable and clearly explaining your vision and process. Without direction & clear communication - how will you execute the vision only you can see? 

clear communication

When working with more subjects, you want to make sure you over communicate rather than under. You want them to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Just talking to them and not working with them doesn’t give them as much purpose and makes them feel like they are just subjects being placed into positions rather than components of a larger piece of art. 

Command Attention

Contrary to popular belief, presence and charisma are not something you are born with. We discussed in the last video that being a human artist is just as important as being a technical artist and that combining the two would give you a perfect balance. Learning how to be charismatic will get you extremely far in an industry where half your job is talking to people and make sure you are getting your point across in a clear and concise way.

Here's why you are losing One Of Your Best Marketing Opportunities 

Group portraits are some of the most highly shared images on social media garnering the attention of thousands of viewers and potential clients. We want to help you create incredible group portraiture that sells your product and brand organically without you having to do any extra work!

See more image examples straight from the workshop below!


  • Introduction: What Is Our Purpose & Our Goals In This Course?
  • Pain Points For Group Portraiture
  • Scouting & Prepping For Group Pictures
  • Gear Guide For Group Portraits

    • Being A Technical Artist vs. Being A Human Artist
    • Presence & Charisma When Working With Groups
    • Over vs. Under Communication
    • Communication Supercut


    • Groups = All The Same x 10
    • Foundation Posing
    • Touchpoints
    • Head Angle
    • Overlap vs. Spacing
    • Mirroring vs. Varied Hand Pose Placement
    • One Setup, Multiple Expressions
    • Visual Interest Guide


    • Symmetrical Posing: Pros vs. Cons
    • Simple Step-by-Step Guide For Symmetrical Posing
    • Large Group Considerations


    • Editorial Posing
    • Simple Step-by-Step Guide For Editorial Posing
    • Large Group Editorial Considerations



  • Lighting Guides + Case Studies
  • Stacking & Feathering For Even Light Coverage
  • Single Light Feathering
  • Overpower That Dappled Direct Garbage Sunlight
  • Filling & Refining Natural Light, Part 1
  • Filling & Refining Natural Light, Part 2
  • Light Compositing For Effect And Large Groups
  • Single Light Bounce For Large Groups
  • Diffused Single Light For Large Groups
  • Bounce To Refine Natural Light
  • Makeshift Bounce Without Ceiling Walls


  • Journalism & Creativity
  • Motion-Driven Concepts
  • Tilt-Shift
  • Using Depth & Layers
  • The Collapse
  • Wedding Party Cliches


  • Constructive Critique For Group Portraits


  • General Post-Production Technique For Group Portraiture
  • Simple Light & Background Composition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this workshop included in SLR Lounge Premium membership?

A: Yes, all of the Wedding Workshop Series is included in the SLR Lounge Premium subscription.