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Lightroom 201: Advanced CC Processing

master RAW Processing in lightroom

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  • Discover the power of RAW processing within the Lightroom Develop Module
  • 11 Hours of Step-by-Step Lightroom CC Tutorials
  • 70 RAW Exercise Files
  • Total File Size: 21.7GB



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Take Advantage of Everything Lightroom has to Offer

Lightroom's RAW processing capabilities are here to help

Achieve Advanced Edits
in Seconds

Minimize your time in Photoshop and learn how to make those same advanced edits in Lightroom that will save you considerable time in your post-processing workflow. Additionally, everything you learn in this workshop can be applied to both Lightroom and Photoshop Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

Master Every
Lightroom Feature

Dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of the Develop Module as we present and demonstrate every RAW processing tool has to offer.

Create a Variety of Effects in a Matter of Clicks

Chapter One of this workshop introduces you to all the different possible types of effects you can create, from filmic emulations, vibrant, color looks, HDRs, etc. 

Learn to Post-Produce for Any Situation

Chapter Two deals with situational processing where we show you how to edit for mixed lighting, process for dance floor images, balance spotty mid-day sunlight, and more.

Enhance Your Imagery even Further

Lastly, Chapter Three will be about incorporating all genres of photography including commercial photography, landscape photography, journalistic photography. Here, learn how you can develop your images to enhance your dynamic range, smooth out skin, and refine all of your details.

Additional Lightroom Avanced Processing Images

Please note that we will not be covering any Lightroom basics in this course. If you’re looking for an introduction to Lightroom and the Develop Module, you may be interested in our Lightroom Crash Course.

Chapter ONe

  • Introduction
  • Modern Color and B&W
  • Soft Bright Color and B&W
  • Silky Skin Retouch Color and B&W
  • Golden Sunset Toning and B&W
  • Soft High Key Fade with Muted Tones and B&W
  • HDR Environmental Portrait
  • Stylized Dusk Color Toning
  • Evening Color Toning
  • When B&W is Greater Than Color
  • Stylistic Toning Backlit Even Portraits
  • Stylized Silhouettes
  • High Contrast B&W Film Toning
  • Bright and Airy Pastel Film

Chapter Two

  • Close Up Skin, Retouch, and Enhancing
  • Bright and Dreamy Bridals
  • Moody and Dramatic Portraits
  • His vs. Her Dramatic Bridals
  • How to Balance Mixed Light
  • High Energy Portrait Processing
  • Journalistic Moments Meant for B&W
  • How to Deal with Hot and Spotty Harsh Sunlight
  • Dramatically Stylized Indoor Photographs
  • Bright and Airy Editorial Formals
  • Flashed Portraits and Basic PS Retouching
  • How Dodging, Burning, and B&W Can Make an Image
  • Hue Correction and Tilt Shift Effects
  • Dealing with White in Bright Scenes
  • Pushing Dynamic Range
  • Flares & Golden Hour with Three Looks
  • Flare & Color Bleed from Free Lensing
  • Fixing Free Lensing Bleed Lines in Photoshop
  • Single Shot HDR Sunsets
  • Low Key Moody Sunset Toning
  • Balancing Flash and Ambient Light Part II
  • Epic Environment Portrait with Composite
  • When It’s Meant for Film
  • Eventing Tungsten Portraits with Dark Colors
  • Evening Natural Light Sparkler Exit
  • Details Part I – Daytime
  • Details Part II – Tungsten
  • Details Part III – Pastel
  • Magical Ring Shots & Creating a Dust Curve
  • Ambient Balanced Indoor Portraits
  • Dodging and Burning to Save Your Life
  • Developing for High Energy
  • Handling Nuclear Color on the Dance Floor
  • High Energy Dance Floor with Color Mods

Chapter Three

  • Poppy and Energetic Family Portraits
  • Sunkissed Children’s Portraits
  • Autumn Sunkissed Images from Scratch
  • High Energy B&W for Fitness
  • Flattering Commercial Fitness
  • High Key Commercial Fitness
  • Silky Smooth Skin and Boudoir Retouch
  • B&W to Focus on Body with Boudoir
  • Commercial Look with Swimwear Fashion
  • Bright and Airy Color Grading via Split Toning
  • Bright Blown Editorial Punk Fashion
  • Editorial with Commercial Style Coloring
  • Commercial Yacht with Stylized Hues
  • Pushing High-Resolution RAWs to the Extreme
  • HDR Panoramic Landscape Merge to DNG
  • Pushing the Limits and Expanding Your Vision  
Michael Long
July 20, 2016

The best Lightroom Tutorial EVER! I've purchased every Lightroom tutorial of SLR Lounge and this one is the best one. Better production value, better examples and a really refined system after all these years.
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Q: Is the new course targeted at functions and features that are new to Lightroom CC or can the techniques be used in Lightroom 5?

A: There are some improvements and new tools in Lightroom 6/CC but the majority of functions and features remain the same. Therefore the concepts taught can be applied to all versions of Lightroom.

Q: Does the Advanced Processing Workshop repeat much of what can be found in the workshop collection V5, or is there a sufficient amount of new material/teaching to justify the additional purchase?

A: This will depend on how much you learned from the Lightroom 5 Workshop. If you gained a full mastery of Lightroom, then the benefit of this workshop will be limited to the videos teaching the new features of Lightroom CC. However, most people, regardless of their level of Lightroom expertise, will still benefit from seeing more start-to-finish examples of advanced post production applied to imagery from a variety of situations.